How Specific and Creative Should You Be with Titles for Onsite Blogging?

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blog-92132_1280Onsite blogging can still be a challenge when you need to come up with a catchy title. Some people have a natural affinity for creating interesting titles, though many have trouble. The basic problem is that far too many who create titles go too generic, which is going to be a big problem in getting something found on search engines.

This isn’t to say coming up with a unique title is going to be a breeze. You need a complete understanding of how you’ll attract the most readers. And much of that starts with being specific and a little bit more creative rather than so general.

How Broad and Specific Should You Be?

You’re always better off being broader in your title so you can reach more people. This works by choosing a title that can be utilized any time of the year or for multiple different people rather than just for a small time or a few niche people. Also, by being specific in making your blog title attractive for someone with a particular problem, you’re able to narrow things down and capture a coveted demographic.

In the above situation, many titles use a number to indicate a certain amount of tips to help solve the above problem. While this is used often, it helps bring a specificity that stands out from a title using the word “tips” alone without a modifier.

Are Questions in Titles a Good Idea?

That’s always a good question on its own, and you’ll notice many titles in journalism use questions to help create curiosity. It’s always a good idea to use a question because it not only brings curiosity, it also brings prospects of answers to solving an issue others are seeking out from knowledgeable sources.

By using the above, you’re additionally providing an invitation for more personalization in your blog. When you make the title and the blog focused on the reader and not yourself, you’re already giving a better chance for someone to think it’s worth the read and not a waste of time.

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