5 Important Things You Need to Know About Conversion Optimization

5 Important Things You Need to Know About Conversion Optimization

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Web searchers can flock to your website time and time again. But, if they don’t actually become customers, there is really no point in the process. Conversion optimization is all about turning potential customers into long-term clients. It is powerful and effective. However, getting it right is sometimes difficult.

The best way for marketers to make sure visitors convert into customers is for them to develop a plan. With this plan, marketers will be able to determine exactly what they are looking for and what steps they are willing to take to achieve their goals. Whether you are just starting this process or have been after it for a while, here are some things you will want to keep in mind.

Testing is Critical

You really don’t know if you are successful unless you have a way to test your results. Traditionally, there are a couple of different ways you can test your site. One effective testing strategy is a split testing system. Half your visitors are shown one version of a page and the other half another. Then you determine which version produced the most sales.

You can also switch up the items on your page. For example, test a specific headline with a variety of images and buttons. Or, switch up your images with a specific headline. This is also an effective way to test your site, but you will need quite a bit of traffic to determine which is the best option in this circumstance.

Testing is the best way to find out what your readers like and what they don’t. When you are developing your conversion optimization goals, be sure that this is included in the process.

Your CMS will make a Difference

The actual system you use to manage your content needs to be reliable and versatile. Remember, this is the system you will use to actually design your site. Without a strong base system, you won’t have the ability to do some of the things you need to do to improve your conversion optimization rates. For example, some systems may not allow you to change certain things or perform testing.

When you are developing your site, you will need to have access to these types of things if you want to be truly effective. For this reason, the first step in maximizing the number of people who convert into customers is to purchase a CMS that allows you to work outside the confines of a simpler system.

Complexity could be a Problem

It is tempting to develop a conversion optimization plan that is detailed and complex. However, this is not always the best option. Complexity can lead to confusion, which could leave you and your managers spinning their wheels when it comes to creating content that actually sells.

Instead, stick with a simple plan that can easily adapt to the changing environment that is always present online. Also, keep your website simple. Avoid adding too much information or items that may be confusing to those who visit your site. You should also look at simplifying your topics and making any forms easy to fill out and understand.

Your Font Could Make a Difference

There are a couple of main reasons websites will develop high bounce rates. One reason is that the content and information on the website are either difficult to read or not interesting. This is one reason that focusing on the content you develop for your website is so important. However, a second major issue is that they don’t feel comfortable as they are reading the content.

Optimizing the font on your site around comfort can actually help you keep readers on your website and eventually convert them into customers. Research shows that using a larger font and looser line spacing is helpful when trying to improve conversion rates.

When it comes to the actual font you are using, you should also consider the message you are trying to portray and determine which font helps you do that the best. For example, for a formal message, you may want to use a serif-type font. But, for a more playful tone, using something else may be a better option.

Conversion Optimization should be Personalized

You can read all day about things other companies are doing to convert. But, chances are when you apply those same exact methods to your website, you won’t be as successful. There are many reasons this could be happening. For starters, it is possible that other companies exaggerate how effective the conversion optimization results actually are. Some companies think they are being successful when they are actually not because they aren’t testing properly.

However, the most probable reason that their tactics aren’t working for you is that you are a different company. You have a different target market that responds to things differently than theirs. The point of a conversion optimization plan is that it should be personalized around your specific company. Doing so will help ensure that you are developing tactics to fit with your target market rather than another company’s.

There are some pretty common-sense things you can do to help improve your conversion rates. However, for the most part, it takes time and a good understanding of a target market to really get it right.

Along with developing a plan and learning as much as you can about conversion optimization, you should also know when the best time to rely on expert assistance is. There’s never shame in seeking more help or advice.

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