Incorporating Press Releases into Your Content Creation Strategy

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press-releaseA big part of lead generation is creating content and sharing it with prospective customers. Rather than going out and finding them, you’re giving them plenty of opportunities to find you on their own through your original content. Blogs are the bread and butter of many content creation strategies. While they serve an important purpose, you can complement their effectiveness with the power of press releases.

A press release is an effort to showcase real progress, growth, etc. that your business is experiencing and provide an opportunity for non-existing customers to hear about you. There are many opportunities across the internet to leverage a press release that will get “picked up” by a larger news organization. Think about how Apple news and press releases have become vital need-to-know content. Perhaps on a smaller scale, you can help your company get noticed when providing a press release to the world. 

Choosing relevant keywords is a must when preparing your press release. Focus on your target market, or your intended audience of the release and ensure that you are crafting your press release to return a hit when people search Google, Bing, etc.  According to a recent Forbes article, this is a great way to improve your page rank on Google concerning your keywords: 

“Press releases, as long as you write them in-house, also give you the key opportunity to associate your company name with relevant keywords and subjects. For example, if you’re a taco restaurant, you can publish press releases that use multiple instances of your brand name and taco-related keywords in the same sentence. This increases the likelihood that search queries will result in your business showing up.”

Writing and sharing press releases for lead generation is easy. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Wait until your business has something important to announce
  2. Choose which keywords to focus on in your press release
  3. Write the press release for your target audience
  4. Post the article to your website
  5. Share a link to the article (leading to your website) on social media
  6. Post content frequently without compromising the quality

While many people used to use press releases for backlink boosts, Google no longer gives links from releasing press releases a ton of credit. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth doing, however. Just be realistic about what press releases do or do not do.

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