Social Media Marketing Tricks to Bring You into This Century

Social Media Marketing Tricks to Bring You Into This Century

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Social media marketing can definitely be a frustrating beast to attempt to tackle. But, as many businesses are learning, it is definitely worth the trouble put into the process. Social media, as we know it today, first got its start way back in 1994. Along the way, it has changed greatly and evolved into something grand and mysterious.

Before reaching the point we are at today, many others took on the task of paving the road for us. It was through their hard work and dedication that social media marketing was built, methods were developed and tricks discovered. But, no matter how much work they put into the process, we are still pushing forward, striving for even more and better tricks to take us into the future.

With a new year upon us, now is the best time to begin developing your own tricks for the coming year. With them, you will be able to know that you are doing everything you can do to stay ahead of your competition and make your social media marketing for 2016 the best yet. Here are a couple of things to get you started.

Social Media Events

Events are always a popular way for businesses to gain traction. You can see this in the physical world when businesses conduct annual sales or special events to draw customers into their stores. Some businesses even thrive solely on this principle. For example, businesses that sell makeup, jewelry, and other fashion accessories do really well when they focus their attention on selling to specific groups of women who attend parties designated for their products.

This process has been proven successful for many years, but now you can also make it successful on social media. One of the best things about events like this is that your customers do not actually have to be present in the store during the event. Instead, they can complete all their business directly through your social media page or your online store. This simple process will make it more likely that they will make a purchase.

There are several things you can do to make your social media event even more powerful. First, make sure you develop hashtags to use whenever talking about the event. This hashtag should be something that is catchy and easy to remember. Also, make sure others who are attending your event know about the hashtag so they can use it as well.

You should also encourage the engagement of those who are attending your event. This is something you can do by offering prizes or awards for those who complete certain tasks or are fully engaged. You should also start early with the promotion process. Starting several weeks before the event, start sharing videos, images, and content related to the event. This will help get your followers excited about what’s in store for them.

Engaging your Readers

One of the most important aspects of social media is that it is intended to bring people together. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to relate to someone through a computer screen. For this reason, many readers have a difficult time associating with businesses because they don’t see the people behind the name.

So, if you are really looking to improve your social media marketing campaign, get involved with your readers. Be engaged with them and have conversations with them on social media. If you see reviews posted online, be sure to thank the reviewer for their comments, even if they are bad. Even bad comments will help your business grow in the future, and they may actually show you some things you need to work on that you weren’t aware of.

Asking questions of your readers is one great way to get a conversation started. Do you have a new product that is coming out soon? Ask your readers about their opinion of the color of the product or the packaging. You can even ask the readers what they think of the product in general. Asking questions like, “What are your thoughts on this product?” or “What do you like about this product?” can help you discover great things about what you will soon be releasing.

Real-time interactions are even better when you can manage it. One great option is to add a live chat button to your website. This allows your customers to ask questions whenever they need to, even if they aren’t in your stores. For your social media platforms, you can accommodate real-time interaction by hosting a live question-and-answer session. Customers will have the opportunity to ask you questions about your products and services that may be difficult to ask at another point in time.

Final Thoughts

Social media is powerful and can be the answer you were looking for regarding the question of how to advance your company. However, with all the competition that is available online, it can be difficult to discover all the best tricks and methods that will help your company shine. Because of this, you need to be diligent in finding tactics that work best for your company’s marketing strategy and goals.

These are just a couple of the tricks you should have up your sleeve if you want to use social media properly. Naturally, there are hundreds of other tricks that you could be learning too.

What are your favorite social media tricks? Share with us in the comments below.

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