6 Tactics to Improve Your Social Strategy with Live-Streaming Videos

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Leveraging live-streaming videos will bolster your social media marketing strategy, producing favorable results in engagement, leads, and sales. This guide outlines six different ways you can begin incorporating these social video tools to add pizzazz to your marketing.

#1 Host Live Q&A Sessions

Creating opportunities for your followers to ask questions and receive answers in real time is a killer tactic to boost engagement and build relationships with your audience. It also gives you a chance to receive true feedback from your market about your brand, product, or service. This information is golden as you can tweak and make adjustments to meet the needs of your customers, enriching their experience with your company.

Finally, the questions asked during these sessions are cool ideas for future content. You see, they’re telling you exactly what they want! Capitalize on these broadcasts by recording their responses, then later turning them into content pieces for your blog, social media posts, and email messages.

#2 Promote New Product Launches

Releasing a new product or service? Share the exclusive details on social media using live-streaming. Showcase your product, provide the benefits, and specs, and address common questions that your market may have. You can also have a Q&A segment at the end to further responsiveness with viewers.

To increase the success of followers attending your broadcast, be sure to promote the event by using visuals to really capture attention. Researchers have found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80% (Source: Hubspot). Entice your audience with an image by giving a sneak peek into the information that builds curiosity.

#3 Perform Live Product Demonstrations

After watching a video, 64% of consumers are more apt to buy a product online. Since live demonstrations work better in helping prospects and customers understand how to use your product, live-streaming videos are wonderful channels to show viewers your flagship products.

Because of the real-time feature, you can get on-the-spot comments and questions about your product. People can quickly inquire while you’re demonstrating, allowing you to tailor your broadcast to your audience. Give viewers the option to immediately purchase your product at the end.

#4 Go Behind-the-Scenes

Since TikTok, Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories allow you to “go live” at any moment with your mobile device, followers now have the opportunity to experience your world, live and in living color! This is advantageous because you’re able to create authentic, transparent experiences that foster the know, like, and trust factor. The more consumers feel that they can trust your brand, the more likely they are to do business with you.

One way to create transparent moments is to take your viewers backstage, revealing how you operate and do business. What are some upcoming events that you can invite your audience to? Events like meetings, company parties, and even charitable events that were once closed off to the public are now easily accessible via live streaming. Highlighting them can significantly improve engagement you’re your followers.

#5 Repurpose Content to Extend Reach

Live videos can be saved and repurposed to be used for your blog, email marketing, and even your podcast channel. You’ll build a vault of content that can be leveraged in other aspects of your marketing.

Here are two ways to use live-streaming videos to repurpose content:

1) Expand on existing content—take your old, yet popular blog content, craft a compelling broadcast title, and share key points in your blog using live video as a new channel to reach a different audience.

2) Upload your quality-rich videos to your YouTube channel to boost visibility. Then, embed it onto a new blog post and share it with your list.  If it’s a longer broadcast, consider getting it transcribed for a mini eBook. The point is that you can take this one piece of highly valuable content and spread it all over the web to increase exposure.

#6 Build Your Email List

Another major advantage to using live-streaming videos in your social media strategy is the ability to grow your leads list and sales funnel. You see, building your email list is the lifeline for your business. With email marketing working 40 times better at gaining customers than Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels, your brand must focus on creating a lead list that’s responsive and targeted.

During your live event, extend special offers to your audience in exchange for sharing their email address while on the broadcast. In other words, create urgency. Viewers can simply leave contact details (mainly email) to receive your promotion. Lead offers may include a free video series, checklist, downloadable PDF file, or special product discount. The key is to make sure it the offer resonates with your viewers.

Lastly, don’t forget to remind your viewers to opt in when they receive your initial automated email message.


Live-streaming video platforms provide amazing opportunities to connect with your social followers and boost engagement, brand awareness, and exposure. It’s the perfect tool to advance your social media strategy.

Choose 2 tactics that you plan to implement within the next week. Promote the time that you’ll go live and have fun. With some consistency, you’ll experience a growth in follower engagement and email subscribers.

Much success,

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