3 Must-Employ Tactics to Grow Your Business’ Social Media Following

3 Must-Employ Tactics to Grow Your Business’ Social Media Following

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97% of all businesses use social media for marketing purposes. 97 percent! That has two giant implications for your business. First, if you aren’t using social media, you should probably crawl out from under the rock you have been living under for the past five years and start using it for your business. Not only can social media marketing increase your overall reach to potential customers, but it can be vital for keeping your brand top of mind among your current customer base.

Second, social media is becoming outrageously saturated. Most businesses fall into the trap of thinking they are their only competition. 99% of the time, this is untrue. On social media, that is even more true. Even niche industries have hundreds of different brands competing for the same space. So, the question big question is, “How do I make my brand stand out and grow my social following?”

It takes being unique, active, and responsive! And in some cases, extremely humorous, timely, and off-beat. Take a look at these three killer tactics that are moving brands out of the norm and in front of their customer’s ready eyes.

1. Witty-Newsfeed-Disrupting Imagery and Humorous Videos

I have always been a huge fan of MailChimp and everything they do as a brand. Their social media uses everything from dog GIFs, winking (and sometimes mooning) chimps, lego-built imagery and so much more. I also can’t remember any brand that has more witty videos than VidAngel. What other brand takes stabs at Satan in their marketing campaigns? Their gut-busting humor also truly conveys their value propositions clearly and concisely. That’s the simplest form of social media prowess, delivering your message creatively and entertainingly.

2. Engage With Customers

People love to be heard. If customers are mentioning your brand or trying to interact with you on social media, you better be responsive. Roughly 77% of adults say companies showing they value the consumer’s time is the most important thing that a brand can do to provide good service. If you aren’t responding to customers, no matter the platform, you are coming up short. Finding the time to monitor your social media is a must to keep customer satisfaction and retention rates sky-high.

3. Extremely Targeted Ads

Whether you are a Saas, B2C, or eCommerce company, your targeting for paid ads must be 100% nailed down. If you launch broad and blanketed ads, your quality scores will dip and you’ll surely waste money on little to no results. Social media users want to see valuable content that is targeted specifically to them.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter’s ad platforms require constant monitoring and expertise. Make sure you have the right skills or find someone who does!

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