The Digital Marketing Benefits of Media Outreach

The Digital Marketing Benefits of Media Outreach

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No one would argue that producing great content is a must in the SEO and digital marketing world. If you want to improve engagement with your client’s brand, help them earn traffic to their site, and increase their search rankings, developing unique, quality content for them is essential. It’s how you get people to notice!

One of the best ways to do this is through media outreach or PR. What I mean by media outreach is simply pitching stories about a client to the web’s most authoritative writers in your client’s industry, convincing them to do a write-up about the client.

According to a recent Moz study, only 15% of SEOs and inbound marketers are doing some type of PR or media outreach as part of their digital marketing strategy for their clients, yet the type of in-depth articles that media outreach often produces can increase site traffic by up to 10%! I’m certain that the number of marketers who execute media outreach for their clients would be higher if they knew more about the benefits of engaging in some type of media outreach strategy.

One of the greatest benefits of crafting and implementing a media outreach strategy for clients is securing highly authoritative links from reputable sources on the Internet. Contrary to some opinions throughout the web, links still matter to Google and other search engines when it comes to search rankings.

Most SEOs agree that around 40% of Google’s search algorithm is based on the number and quality of external links present in an organization’s link profile. A successful media outreach strategy can translate into improved linking metrics for your client, and in the post-Penguin world, quality will always trump quantity.

In addition to improving the quality of links, good media outreach can mean growing your addressable audience, improving your client’s referral traffic, and simultaneously building their brand. Having a powerful writer tell your client’s story means that hundreds (if not thousands) of people will read the writer’s finished product, and familiarize themselves with your client’s business in the process.

The story will likely attract additional links through comments, likes, shares, and tweets which all serve to improve the marketability of your client’s services or products. Referral traffic will pour into your client’s website from highly reputable news sources or blogs, which will have the effect of growing your potential customer base and audience. At the same time, it will increase your client’s brand awareness and improve customer engagement with the brand in ways that other content and linking strategies will not.

Developing and implementing a successful media outreach campaign is as if you had a marquee in Times Square in NYC all lit up telling your story. People will notice! The lights are flashing, and the message is in big, fine print coming from someone that people trust.

Implementing media outreach into a client’s existing SEO or digital marketing campaign strategy will produce better search rankings for the client’s business, improve their outbound messaging, increase their site traffic, build their brand, and create an affinity for the services or products that they provide.

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