19 Ways to Use Birch Bark for Crafting

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Birch bark is often used as tinder for camp fires, but if you’re stuck in the city or have too much bark on hand, there are dozens of other ways you can use it. The bark’s flexibility and beautiful pattern make it perfect for decorating objects, especially for weddings or parties with a rustic theme.

Best Ideas for Birch Bark Crafts

1. A Guest Book or Writer’s Journal

via Three Trees Bindery

unique handmade journal - mini birch bark wood

2. A Flower Girl Basket

via PNZ Designs

Rustic Woodland Birch Bark Flower Girl Basket

3. Three-Dimensional Weaving

via Lesamerlo

Birch Bark Sixteen Point Stars

4. Toppers for Cupcakes or Wedding Cakes

via Jaden Rai Inspired

Rustic Cupcake Topper Hearts - Birch Bark
Wedding Cake Topper- Birch Bark, Birds Mr & Mrs

5. Serviette Rings

via Morgann Hill Designs

Personalized Birch Bark Wood Napkin Rings

6. Natural, Multicolored Confetti

via Secret Thoughts

Birch Bark Heart Confetti

7. Woodsy Furniture

via Another Chapter

 Birch Bark and Black Walnut Table Shelf and Mirror Frame

8. Cute Earrings

via Woof Maine Bark Creations

 Birch Bark Earrings...love birds

9. A Christmas Wreath for all Seasons

via New Hampshire Woods Creations

Large birch bark loop wreath with twigs and moss

10. A Canvas for Drawing and Painting

via Pat Morris

Red Fox Painting on Birch Bark

11. Clever Mason Jar Labels

Made into wine glasses for a hillbilly wedding via My Swedish Farmhouse

Mason Jar Wine Glasses Birch Bark Topped with Heart Charm

12. Necklaces That Carry a Message

via Bohemian Sin

Message in a Bark - birck bark

13. Shapes to Hang on a Baby Mobile

via Jaden Rai Inspired

heart mobile birch bark and pink ribbon

14. Gift Tags

via Cranberry Dreams

Gift tags Birch Tree and Snowflakes

15. Wrapped Beads

via Alchemy Shop

birch bark beads

16. Ornaments and Christmas Tree Stars

via JoAnn Flanagan

White Birch Bark Ornament

17. Gorgeous Birch Mini-Tree Stands

via New Hampshire Woods Creations

Woodland Christmas trees on birch logs with birch bark star

18. Cuffs and Bracelets

via bettula

White birch bark bangle bracelet

19. Lovely Top of a Ring

via Umbellata

Birch Bark Rose ring

20. Framed on the Wall

Because birch bark is already so beautiful. via Made at the Lake

 Framed Birch Bark Wall Hanging

Which of these ideas for crafts you can do with Birch bark caught your eye? Share with me in the comments below!