Use Onsite Blogging to Position Your Company as an Expert

Use Onsite Blogging to Position Your Company as an Expert

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Many sites use onsite blogging as part of their marketing strategy, and lately, it seems that every company has a blog along with their standard corporate website setup. Having a blog has definitely become a website must-have, however, here are some of the reasons you should consider your blog as more than just a ‘check-the-box’ item, and rather as a major source of traffic to your website:

Blogs Help Position Your Company as a thought-leader in your industry

Many companies deal with products or services where the company’s expertise in the field is an important factor in customers’ buying decisions. From plumbers and electricians to lawyers and medical professionals, customer rely on their knowledge and skills. Companies that produce custom products also need to do this so that customers feel sure that their orders will be made correctly. By putting up a blog and filling it with posts that show knowledge of the industry, you can position yourself and your business as an expert without the need for high-pressure sales tactics.

Blogging Helps Improve Your Site’s Search Position

Blog posts fill a site with fresh, relevant content. Since this is one of the things Google looks for, keeping an active blog running can help improve your site’s search ranks. Another benefit of blogging is that people may link to the individual posts. This touches on the main driver of the Google algorithm: Links. In general, the more legitimate links you can get, the higher your site will rank.

Blog Posts Give Your Company a Voice

One of the most common complaints people have about businesses is that they’re faceless and impersonal. Blogging gives you a chance to let people see how you talk, what your company advocates, and other things about your business that wouldn’t be easy to learn in other ways. Be careful, though – your onsite blog still needs to maintain professionalism. This will ensure that customers think of you as an expert rather than, for example, some guy who likes to party. It’ll also help you keep your posts relevant to your business, which helps with SEO.

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