Why Upcycling Content is Essential for B2B Marketing

Why Upcycling Content is Essential for B2B Marketing

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Upcycling content is an essential practice in B2B marketing. To get the most out of your content, you need to give it as much visibility as possible. The only way to do this is to post it on multiple platforms. As you move your content around, rearrange it so that it appeals to different types of consumers.

A recent Entrepreneur article explains the process of upcycling content. Here’s an example of how businesses can reuse their content, taken from the article:

  • Create a Slideshare
  • Recap the article in a video and post it to YouTube
  • Republish the article on LinkedIn
  • Build an infographic for more visual viewers
  • Expand it into a white paper
  • Syndicate the content to industry trade publications

There’s a lot going on here, so we’ll break it piece by piece. First of all, you’re posting the same content 6 different times. Each time you post it, it’ll be viewed by new consumers, aside from occasional repeats.

Another important aspect is that you’re not just posting the content to one platform. You’re using your website and multiple social media platforms to give your content as much exposure as possible. When you do this, you’ll come across a new set of consumers on each site.

And finally, it’s crucial that you’re not just posting a blog over and over again on different platforms. Instead, you’re rearranging the content to appeal to different consumers. Visual consumers may prefer looking at an infographic or watching a video as opposed to reading a blog. Others may be more inclined to read a white paper since the layout is easier to navigate.

Upcycling content is something you’ll need to perfect for good B2B marketing. Just remember that you want to give your content more visibility, get more results out of the same amount of content, and appeal to consumers of all types.

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