10 Most Odd & Disgusting Beauty Treatments

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Out of all the strange, unusual and just yucky beauty treatments, we’ve compiled ten of the most disgusting and most puzzling out there. Next time you think you are crazy for spending half an hour in front of the mirror daily while applying makeup, check these treatments out and you’ll feel much better. Enjoy and watch your stomach while reading this!

  1. Radioactive cosmetics

Yup, this was actually a thing back in the day. When many radioactive elements were discovered people thought that they would be effective in beauty treatments just because they were so strong. Instead, all people got was terrible cancers and diseases. Yikes.

Women Using Radioactive Cosmetic Treatments in 1922

  1. Snake venom

If you thought people can’t get even crazier, boy, were you wrong! Because snake venom sometimes kills flesh cells when added to the human body, some specialists started using it in small amounts as an alternative to Botox. Not only is it disgusting, but it’s also insane and potentially deadly. We don’t advise it.

Advertisement For Skin Care Products Made With Snake Venom

  1. Human placenta

Although this one is especially disgusting, it’s incredibly effective and healthy. It lifts skin, repairs broken hair, and sometimes even helps with depression and hormones in your body. There is ongoing research about how the placenta improves collagen production and how we can reverse aging. Interesting nevertheless.

Human Placenta Used For Skin Treatment

  1. Leeches

In the Middle Ages, leeches were used to “purge evil spirits” from one’s body. Today, many celebrities use them in order to cleanse their blood from toxins once in a while. Not only is this enough to make you throw up, but it can also lead to infection and intensive bleeding as leeches have blood thinners in their saliva.

Leeches Used To Cleanse The Skin And Body From Toxins

  1. Bee stinging

Damn you, Gwyneth Paltrow, why? The popular actress told reporters that she uses this ancient treatment because it gets rid of scars and inflammation. Bee venom, is in fact, effective in treating these things, but why endure the pain? Many products infused with a pinch of that venom exist, so there’s no point in hurting so much.

Woman Using Bee Stings To Remove Scars

  1. Snail mucus

Although this one is scientifically proven, it’s still disgusting. The protective mucus that snails produce can induce anti-aging processes and keep skin flexible and healthy even during the later decades of someone’s life. We sure hate aging, but letting snails crawl all over us would be a tough decision to make.

Snail Mucus Used In Creams and Cosmetics

  1. Fish pedicures

The Garra fish have a strange tendency to eat just about everything and if you insert your feet in a tank full of them – they’ll much on your dead or damaged skin. Not only may this cause infection, but think about the amount of stinky and unwashed feet they’ve munched on before dining on yours. Yikes, indeed.

Garra Fish Pedicure Procedure

  1. Bull semen

If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite celebrities have such soft and jumpy hair – now you know the real answer! The sperm cells and the liquid from bulls have the ability to regenerate damaged hair and bring deceased cells to life! We get the commitment to looking good, but enough is enough already!

Bull Semen Used In Hair Treatments

  1. Human foreskin cosmetic products

Jesus! When newborn baby boys get circumcised in the hospital, the leftover foreskins are sold in bunches to cosmetic companies in order to create products that improve skin condition. The foreskin contains stem cells which replace dying or old cells. You can even get baby foreskin cells injected into your face, believe it or not!

  1. Tapeworm diet

Someone bring me a bag, please . . . People have become afraid of getting “fat” so much that they sometimes intentionally ingest tapeworms so that they can eat as much as they want! During that time, the parasites eat whatever is left in their intestines. Not only is this repulsive, but you can actually die from it!

Which of these grossed you out the most? Let us know in the comments below.