20 Inspiring Book Sculptures

20 Inspiring Book Sculptures

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In 2010, several anonymous book sculptures began to appear around Edinburgh. They were left as gifts in libraries, museums, and cultural institutions, attached to brief notes that said some variety of “thank you.” The artist is still anonymous, but the artwork continues to amaze and inspire.

Book sculpting isn’t just a Scottish phenomenon. Check out some amazing examples of book sculptures below.

Unique and Inspiring Book Sculptures

1. Vagabond Songs

via Brooke Schmidt

vagabond songs - book sculpture
vagabond songs - book sculpture

2. Book Mobile

via Babes in Bookland

Book Mobile upcycled recycled crib hanging sculpture, Mother Goose

3. Heart and Bow

via Stuff By Losy Posy

Folded Heart Upcycled Book Art Sculpture

4. “I Thought He Was a Book But He Was Only Paper”

via Saphoona

ooak original art tree book sculpture clay paper book art I Thought He Was a Book But He Was Only Paper

5. Charlotte’s Web

via Artful Living

Charlotte's Web - One of a Kind Book Sculpture - Altered Book

6. “Thoughts”

via Ewe & Fish

THOUGHTS: A book sculpture

7. “My Chair Takes Flight”

via Gathered + Together

Paper Chair Altered Book OOAK "My Chair Takes Flight"

8. Alice in Wonderland

via The Abandoned Attic

Altered Book Alice's Wonderland

9. Folded

via y instead of i

Folded Book Sculpture

10. The Wife

via Kim Koza

The Wife - Altered Book Table Art

11. Edgar Allan Poe

via The Abandoned Attic

Edgar Allan Poe Altered Book Art

12. “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”

via Moxiedoll

Hand Embroidered Art - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

13. The Golden Carriage

via Days Fall Like Leaves

The Golden Carriage

14. Paper Garden

via bookBW

Paper Garden - Origami Book Sculpture

15. “She Hearts Him”

via Recycled Reads

Folded Book Art Sculpture - She hearts Him

16. Red Riding Hood

via Messie Jessie

Wire and papier mache Sculpture - Red Riding Hood

17. Business Card Holder

via The Book Cellar

Book Sculpture Altered Book Business Card Holder

18. Rapunzel

via Sam Hain Press

Rapunzel Book Sculpture

19. “I Know A Secret”

via Finders & Keepers

Wall Sculpture - I Know A Secret

20. Cylinder

via Paper Faerie

Cylinder Book Sculpture

Which of these book sculptures did you enjoy the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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