Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 Product Review with Actual Test

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The Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 is a portable self-defense weapon that is capable of firing a total of two rounds of cylinders containing near-pharmaceutical grade Oleoresin Capsicum, better known as OC, through its pyrotechnic-charged mechanism.

Basically, OC is a very powerful irritant that can cause burning sensation to the sensitive parts of the skin as well as the eyes, mouth and respiratory area. The round can travel at a speed of 1/10 of a second and it is very effective up to a range of 13 feet.

It is very effective even when the target is equipped with eyewear or face mask. Then, the product works without the user experiencing blowbacks, drifting or loss of pressure.

The Testing:

Palm Beach Shooting Center conducted a test using the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 to test its effectiveness. The target is a grown man wearing casual clothes and protective eyewear. The target and the tester were about 13 feet away from each other.

Then, two shots were fired at the target using the product. One shot was aimed to his chest while the other targeted his face.

The first shot got the target square in the chest. Despite that, it seemed like the odor already started irritating the nasal passages of the target, which was displayed by his mild coughing. The second shot, got the target right in the face and that’s where the effects of the OC-filled round really kicked in.

Even with an eye protector on, the target appeared to be stunned for a while as the chemical burned into his eyes, skin and nose. Even a few minutes passed after the shot, the target was still in tears and he cannot help but keep his eyes closed. His skin looked irritated too.

The Video of the Actual Test:

Check out the video below for the actual performance of the product, courtesy of Palm Beach Shooting Center:


Based on the video, the product is very effective even when the target is wearing protective glasses. No blowbacks, drifting or loss of pressure were also experienced by the user during the test.

However, users of the product should be advised that the maximum effectiveness of the product is only around 13 feet. Plus, it may take time to work right away if the target has eye or face covering.

In addition, the weapon is not recommended to be used for defense when the target is holding a gun since the person has the tendency to intentionally or accidentally fire a few rounds when disoriented.

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