Smith & Wesson Homeland Security Tanto Knife Product Review

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The knife proved to be one of the most important tools of man. It can be used for slicing food, skinning hunts, and for self-defense. But of course, we are not here to talk about the knife’s culinary benefits. Instead, we will take a look at how it fares in self-defense. And on our menu for the day is the Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto Knife.

About the Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto Knife

Let us take a quick run on the major specs of the knife starting with the blade. The Tanto blade is stainless steel and titanium coated which measures 8.06 inches. On the other hand, the handle is a full tang G10. Overall, the knife measures 13.75 inches and it weighs around 1lb.

The Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto Knife also comes with a full ballistic nylon sheath.


Given the weight of the Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto Knife, this has the tendency to penetrate deeply on a downward thrust provided that no bones are in the way. Its length is capable of hitting major organs too if pushed very hard against a target with an average physique. Thus, its stab can definitely incapacitate or it can prove to be very fatal.

You are at a technical advantage as well if you are at less than arm’s length to a target that has a long and heavy firearm since you can just swat the barrel of the weapon and directly stab your opponent.


Despite the advantage mentioned over a long firearm, it is still not recommended for you to engage someone who is holding a gun, except if you have the proper training or you are certain that the gun holder is going to fire it anyway and you are left with no choice. You are at a great disadvantage also against a pistol-wielder, because, unlike the long firearm user, a pistol holder has more firing flexibility.

Another issue is that some complain about its weight and that its blade is not really the original Japanese Tanto for short swords. It’s actually a Western version of the blade. Then, the handle of the knife is too smooth and provides poor traction to the hands. But it can be remedied by customizing the grip or by taping a cloth all around it for better grip.


The weight of the Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto Knife can either be a hassle or an advantage depending on the training or preference of the user. Plus, problem with the grip can be solved easily. Moreover, the Western version of the Tanto used in this weapon looks pretty resilient. Thus, I have no reason why I should advise against getting this product for self-defense. So, if you are into knives, better get this one for your protection now.

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