Police Force Tactical Stun Baton Self-Defense Review

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The Police Force Tactical Stun Baton is a melee self-defense weapon that combines the functionality of a club, a stun gun, and a flashlight. It is designed to answer the requirements of the police, military, security personnel, and civilians who are looking to protect themselves.

Product Specifications

The item is shaped like a typical baton used by law enforcement and special forces. Its length measures 13.5 inches long with a weight of only one pound. The weapon is made from military-grade aluminum alloy.

The top end of the Tactical Stun Baton carries the prongs that produce electricity as well as the flashlight. The switch of the LED flashlight is located on the other end while the controls for its light’s brightness and the switch for the stunner are located along its body, slightly forward from its handle.

Powering the unit are twin-rechargeable lithium batteries, which can be charged in a 110-volt power source.

How Does the Tactical Stun Baton Work

This product from the Police Force is capable of producing up to 10,000,000 volts of electricity in a fully charged state. The electricity runs alternately through the three parallel pairs of prongs located on top of the weapon. Skin contact with its alternating electricity is enough to temporarily deprive a grown man of control over his movements.

Then, its long shaft can be used in striking a person while its flashlight can be used to illuminate dark areas.

Tactical Stun Baton Advantages in Self-Defense

The first thing that you will appreciate with this product is that it will provide you with extra reach when defending yourself. This way, you can just attack your opponent without getting too close to him or her. The extra distance will let you lower the risk of getting grabbed by your assailant, and it will give the person a hard time reaching you if he or she is armed with a short weapon like a knife.

Activating the stun gun feature of the weapon will surely make your opponent think twice about attacking you, as its triple line of electricity with a crackling sound is very intimidating. But, if that does not do the trick, the 10 million voltage offered by the weapon will certainly stop an individual in his or her tracks.

The hard body of the Tactical Stun Baton can also be used to club a person if the stun gun fails to do its job. However, it is unlikely that a person can withstand 10 million volts of output without getting knocked down.

Lastly, the flashlight can serve as a distraction to the eyes of your assailant, or you can just utilize its normal function in navigating or looking for objects in dark areas.

Disadvantages of the Tactical Stun Baton

Testing the product really produced impressive results. Most reviews of the product in online stores are positive too. Thus, there are only a few negative traits of the product that we encountered:

First, the buttons of the item, except the activation for the flashlight, are located in one area. During a very dangerous situation, wherein tension is present, the person wielding the weapon might mistakenly press the adjustments of the flashlight instead of activating its stun gun. The other complaints are mostly about factory defects, which are very few in number.

Should You Buy the Tactical Stun Baton?

With the mentioned advantages of the Tactical Stun Baton, such as its length, power, multi-functionality, and extra features, it is definitely a great choice for self-defense.

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