Self-Defence Steel Baton Review

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The Self-Defence Steel Baton is a product of selfdencesteel. It is shipped and sold by a company called MrDefense.

Self-Defence Steel Baton Specifications

The Self-Defence Steel Baton is around 8 and a quarter inches long when closed but can expand to over 21 inches long. It is made up of a nylon sheath and a rubber grip that has a diamond pattern. It is just around 2.1 pounds.


The Self-Defence Steel Baton is a good weapon for protecting yourself. A lot of buyers actually purchased the product to feel protected. Many of them have always wanted to go outdoors and engage biking or hiking but didn’t feel safe to do that until they bought the product. No one knows the danger lurking around especially when going out alone but having the Self-Defence Steel Baton around can help users feel they have the protection they need.

This self-defense weapon is very lightweight, so users can bring it anywhere. Aside from that, it can practically fit any bag or users can just have it hang on their belts like how most policemen hang their batons but with a classy casing. With its black casing, no one will ever think that users are carrying a baton.

A strike using this self-defense weapon can produce serious pain, which can result to bruises. It also has the capacity to open up cuts in the bony areas of the face. The full-force hit combined with accuracy and the element of surprise to your opponent has the tendency to knock him or her out.

In addition, the extra length of the item will provide you added reach. This will let you engage your attacker while maintaining your distance.


Based on all the reviews in Amazon, the Self-Defence Steel Baton has a major flaw. That is its handle. Buyers think that the rubber grip feels cheap and is not wear and tear resistant. This could be true, but the whole Self-Defence Steel Baton, aside from the handle, is made of steel and the rubber handle could be replaced just like bike handles.

Another thing to watch out for is that the name of the product title says that it has a DNA catcher. However, it has a smooth end cap and does not have a DNA catcher.

Aside from the things mentioned, the seller does not ship internationally. So, buyers outside of US will not be able to purchase this product. Furthermore, there are buyers who commented that it is quite hard to retract the baton, but a number of them pointed out that this can be easily done by turning the whole baton upside down and hitting the top of the baton on the concrete.

Should You Buy the Product

For a cheaper option, this is a great products. However, if you have the money and want something a little more reliable without some of the cons discussed here, a slightly higher-quality baton may better serve you.

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