Stanley Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar Tactical Advantages

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The Stanley Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar has measures 35.9-inch x 4.4-inch x 1.3-inch in dimensions. It weighs 5.4 pounds with a high-carbon steel make for strength and durability. One tip has beveled chisel and the other has a slotted claw for ripping apart fixtures. This makes it a great tool for constructions or renovations.

But we are not here to praise this product for its benefits at home. Instead, we will take a look at its potentials as a self-defense weapon. So, here is a quick run on its tactical advantages and disadvantages as a self-defense weapon.

Stanley Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar Tactical Advantages

Given the weight of the Stanley Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar, this has the potential to crack bones and even inflict a serious injury that can cause death. You can swing it against an attacker or strike an opponent using its blunt ends.

The length of this self-defense weapon will also significantly increase your reach which will give you advantage against bare-handed or knife-wielding assailants. The hook of this ripping bar will let you drag an opponent with force too.

In addition, you can use the steel ripping bar in blocking the strikes of an opponent holding a long melee weapon. This has the strength to damage or break weapons as well like swords, bats, golf clubs and other long, but less durable, types.

Because of its other useful uses, this item is a great tool to have around in your home or car that cal also double as a self-defense tool if trouble arises.

Stanley Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar Disadvantages

This self-defense weapon requires someone with strength because of its weight. It compromises the speed in favor of striking power. An assailant holding a katana or a cane will surely be at an advantage against a person wielding the steel ripping bar in terms of speed.

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