Teaching Your Dog Human Words

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Dogs all speak the same language. They understand each other very well using their “bark language.” It doesn’t matter if the dog is from the United States or from France. They can converse. However if you want to teach your dog words in your language, that will require a little effort, perseverance, and training.

It’s important to point out that if you teach your dog the word “stop” in English, he will ultimately learn to stop. But if you try to stop him using the word “arretez,” the French word for stop, the dog won’t obey. He will look at you just as your child would if you suddenly began talking to them in a language they had never heard.

The system you’ll use to teach your dog a word or command will be the reward and treat system. Of course your praise is what your dog wants most, but a doggie treat will drive your point home.

You must be patient and consistent. You didn’t learn your language in a few weeks, and your dog will require some time as well. You can trust your dog to learn a new word in about a week if you spend some time with it daily.

However if you get frustrated and the dog senses that, it will confuse your dog and it could take longer. When your dog responds to the word properly, pat him and give him a small treat. When a word has been learned, move on to the next word.

You’ll begin with one syllable words such as, sit, stop, and come. Once you’ve established a few one syllable words with your dog, introduce simple two-word commands such as “roll over” or “lay down.”

Remember, when you command your dog to “sit” he has no idea what you’re saying. Gently push him into the sitting position.

Repeat the word, and assist the dog until he finally attributes the word “sit” with sitting. Then praise him and treat him. After about a week you can move to the next word. With the use of a leash and harness, you can teach the words “come” or “here.” Keep the instruction calm and the tone firm but pleasant.

As long as you’re consistent and patient with your dog, you’ll succeed. Never scold a dog or punish a dog for missing a word command, even if he has gotten it correct in the past. Do not shout at the dog. He has no idea what he has done wrong. This is nonproductive and wrong. You are the master. It is up to you to teach. The dog must learn at his own speed.

Soon your dog will be obeying you at command and you can be proud that you taught him a new language.

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