The New Dog Owner Checklist

New Dog owner checklist for everything you need to know

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The following are set to help you come to a decision before getting a dog:

1. The estimated annual cost of caring for a small dog is estimated to be between $1,500 and $9,500 per dog.

2. Factor in additional costs when brining a puppy or dog home. Emergency visits to the vet can be costly, so consider this before bringing home your buddy.

3. Training a dog requires a lot of time and patience. If you don’t have the time to train your pup, consider getting an older in-house trained dog.

4. Take your time when considering to get a new dog. Do some research on different dog habits and choose one that will be suitable for you and your family.

5. Always make sure that your dog is neutered or spayed. Dogs that undergo this procedure live longer and are healthier than those who don’t. The procedure also prevents an increase to an already large population of dogs without homes.

6. Before taking your pet home, make sure you’ve got all the necessary accessories and supplies. These include dog treats, dog food, bowls, training crate and toys.

7. A well fitted collar should always be on your checklist for your dog.

8. Make sure you get an identification tag for your dog, and also consider microchipping to reduce the chances of losing your pup.

9. Your dog needs to have its teeth brushed as well. Include a toothbrush on your list of accessories before taking your dog home, but AVOID using human fluoride toothpaste. Ask your vet for canine toothpaste made just for your dog.

10. Try as much to brush your dog’s teeth daily just as you would do with yours. However if your schedule doesn’t allow this, make sure you brush several times each week.

11. Routinely check your dog’s teeth and gums. The gums should be pink and not red or white, and the teeth should always be clean.

12. Safe to chew toys can help with your dog’s dental hygiene while also improving the desire to chomp.

13. There are numerous plants that can pose potentially toxic to your dog, and these include lilies, chrysanthemums and tulips. To prevent such incidents make sure you get a detailed list from your vet on how to proof your home.

14. Take note of gardening and lawn products as well. Mulch and insecticides can very harmful to your dog too.

15. One of the foremost steps to undertake when taking your dog home is to schedule an appointment to ensure that your dog gets regular checkups and vaccinations.

16. Make sure that you create time every day to take your dog out for exercises.

17. Your dog has to remain entertained all the time, so try and get him or her a puzzle toy like the Kong to ensure its busy, notably when you are not around.

18. Laundry detergent can pose a serious threat to your dog’s health, especially pods that can enter the eyes and cause infections like conjunctivitis and ulcers.

19. Garlic, onions, chocolate, avocado and grapes all make a list of hazardous foods to your dog.

20. Other harmful household ingredients include items like antifreeze, mothballs and fabric softener sheets.

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