Can You Use the 5.5-Inch Batman Batarang for Self-Defense?

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The 5.5-inch Batman Batarang is inspired by a weapon of the same name used by the Dark Knight Batman in his fight against crime. Thus, this product does not need much introduction to people.

We have seen this in the comics, TV series, and movies as the weapon of choice of the caped crusader. It has been very instrumental in disarming or stopping the likes of Joker, Two-Face, Bane, and other super villains from completing their nefarious plans for Gotham City. But in real life, is this a reliable weapon for defending oneself?

In this review, we will take a look at how the Batman Batarang sold by Panther Trading fares in self-defense situations, where it matters most.

Batman Batarang Product Specifications

The Batman Batarang produced by Panther Trading is made of real stainless steel. It copies the most recent design of the throwing weapon used by the Dark Knight in his latest films and animations.

The bat-shaped self-defense weapon has sharp tips located at both ends, which aim to pierce any given target. As mentioned in its product name, its overall length is 5.5-inch. Then, it comes with a casing that can be attached to a belt in a true Batman fashion.

Batman Batarang Tactical Advantages

The key advantage brought about by the item is that it can be used in close-quarter combat as well as in long-range. You can hold it similar to a knife when your opponent is just within your reach, or stop a rushing attacker in his or her tracks with a properly placed throw.

The dual tip of this merchandise will enable you to use it in two directions when attacking. It can be utilized in a normal thrust against your opponent, and in a backhand or hammer strike.

The blades of the product are capable of puncturing the skin, which can result in bleeding. The injuries that it can cause range from scratches to fatal cuts.

A properly executed slash to the sensitive areas of the body may result in excessive bleeding that may result in death. Plus, a thrust of its tip into the eyes can result in blindness, in addition to serious bleeding. Therefore, this is not something that should be underestimated.

Batarang Downsides

The double-sided tip of the Batman Batarang can also put you at a disadvantage in close-quarter combat because you might risk injuring yourself with it when your opponent successfully pushes your own hand toward you.

Moreover, the outline of the weapon makes wielding it in close-quarter combat very hard. Not to mention that its steel make can cause the weapon to become slippery in the palm. Its design means you’re also likely to cut yourself while wielding it defensively.

Next, using this self-defense weapon to successfully hit your target at a distance needs practice. It is advised that you train by throwing it in a cardboard box first for you to get a feel of its aerodynamics. If you don’t know how to through them, you’re very likely to just hit your opponent with a blunt edge, which you could do with any heavy object.

Lastly, the tips of the blade tend to bend or chip off when accidentally thrown at a hard surface like a wall. So, it is recommended that you order an extra set for practice purposes only and know that these are not a very durable item.

Should You Buy a Batman Batarang for Self-Defense?

While the idea of being able to stop bad guys like your favorite masked crusader may sound pretty cool and badass to some people, I would have serious reservations about actually attempting to use these as a self-defense weapon.

While an awesome item that any Batman fan would love, along with items like the Batman Arm Cuff of BladesUSA and the WarTech Batman Knife, the only time this should be considered for self-defense is when you have absolutely no other options left.

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