Fantasy Master Skull Knuckle Knife Self-Defense Weapon Review

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The Fantasy Master Skull Knuckle Knife self defense weapon is definitely stylish, but deadly. It features an 8-inch stainless steel blade with a combination of four rings for the fingers. The zinc alloy design of the product includes a nylon sheath for the concealment of this self defense weapon.

Skull Knuckle Knife Self-Defense Weapon Advantages

When it comes to slicing power, this self-defense weapon truly delivers because of its sharpened edge and pointed tips. You can use this when delivering a straight punch, downward punch, uppercut as well as a hook. But it is more effective when used in a slicing motion. This is a pretty decent self defense weapon in CQC.

The 8-inch blade of this can help you stand a chance against a knife wielding opponent or someone who is only fighting you using bare-fists. You should expect a serious injury or even fatality to the receiver of your attack when using this though because its slicing capabilities are as good as a knife.

Lastly, the design of this weapon alone is wicked. A poorly armed opponent will surely think twice before engaging you.

Skull Knuckle Knife Self-Defense Weapon Disadvantages

The absence of a base for the palm may cause this weapon to wiggle, especially for unfamiliar users. But with a little practice, you might learn to overcome this though. Then, due to its sharp edge and tips expect to even cause death to someone who will be hit with this. So, if you are only looking for a weapon that can stun or incapacitate someone temporarily, this is not the kind of self-defense weapon that you should be using.

Of course, do take note that you are at a serious disadvantage when your opponent is armed with a long weapon such as a bat, sword or baton and when your attacker has a long ranged weapon such as a gun or throwing blades. But with advanced training and the element of surprise in your favor, you might as well stand a chance.

Overall, we feel that this is a weapon that is mostly for show and should not be relied upon for self-defense.

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