15 of the Best Creative Key Holders Around

15 of the Best Creative Key Holders Around

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The best decorations are sometimes the most useful. Key hooks, for example, are quite handy practically speaking, but they’re also a great opportunity for art. Here are some key holders that are a little bit quirkier than your usual key holders. Maybe there will be one that catches your eye.

The Best Creative Key Holders

1. Keys and Glasses.

via Art Akimbo

Nose Eyeglass Stand with Key Hook Mustache

2. An Old-Fashioned Chalkboard.

via Old Country General

Rustic Chalkboard-Shabby Chic Blue With Shelf and Hooks

3. Made from Upcycled Wooden Barrels and Hand-Wrapped Wire.

via Third Cloud To The Left

umbrellas clouds wooden key rack hooks

4. A Place to Put Your Mason Jar Flower Vase.

via Old New Again

Vase WOOD Key Hooks Organizer

5. Lord of the Keys.

via Happy Ending Decor

Black Cast Iron Key Hook/ Hanger

6. His & Hers.

via Tanner Glass

His and Her Key Hooks

7. Vintage-Style.

via Kenneth Dante Woodworks

Mail and Key Holder Distressed Wood Letter Holder Black

8. Skeleton Keys and a Starfish.

via Castaways Hall

Numbered Skeleton Key Key Holder

9. Tile Art.

via Nature’s Heavenly Art

Rack Wall Organizer, Whimsical Tree, Key Holder Hooks

10. Subtly Attached to the  Bottom of a Mirror.

via Resplendid

garden gilded mirror key holder

11. With a Slot for Magazines/Newspapers/Snail Mail.

via Pig + Fish

modern linear stripes mail letter holder key hooks

12. Driftwood.

via Gifts & Stars

Seashore Love - Key Holder Rack

13. Show Off Your Favorite Animal.

via Red Tile Studio

Key Holder Hooks FOX

14. To Be Obvious.

via Half Pint Salvage

Black and White Key Rack, Organizer - wall hooks

15. When in Doubt, Put a Bird on It.

via Running on the Wall

Owl key rack holder

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