Colt Defender Pistol BB Gun Tactical Review

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The Colt Defender Pistol sold on Amazon is produced by Colt, the world’s most famous firearm manufacturer. However, the one sold in the online store is just a replica of the real thing. Instead of bullets, it uses BB rounds.

Replica guns are a great option for self-defense because they typically look real enough that most robbers and burglars will be scared off. Even if they aren’t a few shots from a BB gun may also help to further deter them. However, if they are carrying a gun themselves, then your look-a-like gun may be wholly inadequate and you may regret that it is not the real version.

Colt Defender Product Specifications

The Colt Defender BB gun has a design similar to the .40 caliber pistol of Colt, making it a replica of the firearm. It comes in a black finish with a built-in BB magazine capable of storing up to 16 rounds of BB pellets.

Overall, the item measures 10.1-inch by 7.8-inch by 3.5-inch. The weight is similar to its genuine firearm version, which is 18 pounds.

The gun replica has a spring-powered grip release. On the grip is a carbon dioxide compartment for propelling its rounds.

Colt Defender Pistol Self-Defense Advantages

This pistol replica is very intimidating since it completely copies the original firearm. This can easily be mistaken as a real gun except for its barrel where it can be noticed that it only shoots BB rounds.

But, if someone sticks a gun at you, would you even think of looking closely at its barrel to see its caliber? Also, would you dare the person holding a gun at you to fire the weapon to see whether it is a real thing or a replica? Most home burglars and robbers are looking for easy targets, and most will probably not want to stick around long enough to find out the answer to the mentioned questions.

If the intimidation tactic fails, the Colt Defender Pistol would still come in handy in hurting a person. A shot from its pressure-propelled rounds will sting someone if he or she gets hit directly at the skin. Its BB rounds can cause redness or bruises on the affected area. Its round can even result in a very serious injury when it is shot directly at the eyes of the target.

Tactical Disadvantages of the Product

BB pistols, in general, lack knockdown power. Thus, only shoot it when necessary. As much as possible, use it only to intimidate your opponent. Wield and point it to the person like a real gun to make him or her think that it is a genuine firearm. This would hopefully let you avoid a physical confrontation and walk away from the situation unharmed.

As mentioned, some parts of the self-defense weapon would give it away as a BB gun. First is its barrel and the other is its magazine. So, when pointing it to intimidate a potential attacker, hold it at a distance to prevent the person from noticing the said areas.

People who are very familiar with a firearm can tell a BB from a real gun too. Thus, ensure that you are at a safe distance to prevent your opponent from reading the prints and other features of the weapon that would give it away as a BB gun.

Lastly, some users complain that loading the replica gun can be such a chore. Therefore, you should purchase a BB loader to address the issue.

Should You Buy One?

If you only plan to intimidate your opponent, or you are against using a real gun, this product is ideal for you. Although it’s shot stings, this BB gun is only good for show and practice sessions because it really can’t knock down or seriously injure a person, except of course when its round hits the eye of the target.

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