Best SALT Self-Defense Gun (Non-Lethal)

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With so many choices for self-defense weapons available on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the best one. But if you’re looking for something more modern, you may want to consider the best salt self-defense guns. There are a few variations of this gun but the one thing they have in common is that they’re unique from other products.

Rather than firing a liquid stream of spray, these guns fire projectiles. Upon contact, the projectile explodes sending out a cloud mixed with tear gas and OC into the face of your attacker. Each SALT self-defense gun comes with a 7-round magazine which fires each round at 320 ft/sec.

These guns offer re-usability, velocity, and an incredible range of up to 150 feet! It’s an extremely effective and non-lethal solution to keep you protected in cases when someone tries to attack you. The best feature is its ease of use which is crucial for when you’re faced with dangerous situations.

Here are some great options if you’re looking to purchase a salt and pepper spray self-defense gun.

1. Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self-Defense Kit

This isn’t just a gun, it’s a complete kit for your self-defense needs. Each of these kits contains 1 SALT pepper spray gun, 10 rounds of pepper spray to fire at attackers, 10 rounds for training or practice, a 7-round magazine, a case that you can lock, and a user manual with easy-to-understand instructions.

The gun has enough power to launch projectiles more than 150 feet. It’s a military-strength self-defense weapon that’s proven effective and safe even by law enforcement officers. It’s a reliable weapon that’s easy to use and offers a shelf life of 5 years.

2. s1 Pepper Spray Gun Starter Kit

This is another variation of the SALT self-defense gun that’s completely non-lethal. This comes from a company known as Salt Supply and it’s designed for self-protection. It’s a lot like a paintball gun which fires projectiles instead of actual bullets.

It’s safe to use but highly effective in defending yourself against attackers in a non-lethal, clean, and simple way. The non-lethal nature of this weapon is very important, especially if a child manages to get their hands on the gun.

Although it fires rounds that explode on impact, the chemical only causes temporary effects. These effects are both painful and uncomfortable but they won’t cause mortal wounds or anything that’s potentially fatal. It even comes in bright yellow for high visibility.

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3. s1 Pepper Spray Gun Starter Kit

Finally, this s1 version of the SALT pepper spray gun provides you with non-lethal protection as well. You can use it to shoot long-range distances while only delivering a toxic cloud of defense to incapacitate an attacker as it causes impact distress, breathing difficulties, and temporary blindness.

Use this gun for offensive and defensive protection in different kinds of situations. Whether you’re threatened from afar or in proximity, this weapon proves highly effective. You don’t even have to aim accurately as this gun forcefully shoots rounds which cause severe distress upon impact.

As soon as the rounds meet their target, they release a toxic cloud for defense to protect you from harm’s way. This cloud also gives you enough time to escape, especially if you’re already a good distance from your attacker.

This gun gives you the power to protect yourself so that you can always have peace of mind. However, since it’s non-lethal, this means that you won’t have to worry in case anyone in your family accidentally fires the weapon. The effects of this gun won’t last long, you just have to let these effects pass.

While not in use, the CO2 cylinders remain sealed within the gun safely until you pull the trigger. This gun is so effective that the US Military also uses it to control and immobilize threats.

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