Can Brilliant Work-Friendly Spaces Really Emerge from a Spare Corner of your Home?

Can Brilliant Work-Friendly Spaces Really Emerge from a Spare Corner of your Home?

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Many people work from the comfort of their homes today. However, there’s no need to have a spare room to set up a workstation.

To be productive your “home business nook” needs to simply be efficient. Any corner of your home can be transformed into a nice office. All you need is the right tools to get started.

Brilliant work-friendly spaces can be crafted in the living room, bedroom, and even in the sunroom. Choose a spot with as much natural light as possible. It will increase your productivity levels, and make your little corner seem vibrant, dynamic, and creative.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Place the Desk Near a Window

Studies have shown that people who set up a desk by a window are more productive. That’s because windows instill a sense of openness and freshness. Natural light will flow in, and the view might just be what you need to have more inspiration. This being said, it’s no wonder that most companies place their desks near a window.

2. Choosing a multi-functional desk

Multi-functional desks are in trend these days, but not because they look good. They feature drawers and storage spaces meant to keep workers organized. This way your office won’t look messy and you’ll know exactly where the most important things are.

Another smart idea might be to have a board installed on one of the walls. Cork boards make working from home more productive. Use pins and post-its to set reminders; add pictures with your loved ones and personalize the board as you see fit. It will be a pleasure to look at it, not to mention that you’ll be more motivated to finish off what you have pending.

3. Office Desk Nook in the Bedroom

If you have a spacious bedroom you can easily use a corner to make yourself the coolest work nook. Choose an area by the window – to make it different than the rest of the room, consider painting the wall in a completely different color.

If your bedroom’s walls are white, you can paint the area for your workspace in light blue. It won’t affect your sleep and it will boost your creativity. A few other things to add are a desk, chair, and a few shelves on the wall. It is important to make sure all decorative elements – furniture finish and color palette – work with the rest of the décor.

4. Decorate with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is in trend these days. It can be used in any room of the house, and the variety of models and patterns is endless. For a home office, you can choose a floral wallpaper to define your space and make it stand out.

Or, if you don’t want to add that much color you can easily go for sleeker patterns such as lines or dots. Make sure the wallpaper chosen works with the dominant color in your living area or bedroom.

5. Accessorize

Don’t forget about accessories when decorating a home office. If you’ve placed the desk in a corner, it probably means you are “cornered.” To ease the feeling of entrapment, you can place a large mirror above the desk. It will create the sensation that the space is bigger, and you’ll be able to perform your job with a lot more enthusiasm.

Add flower pots on the desk, a nice decorative oil cloth with chic patterns, and compact items to keep things like pens and notebooks organized. Place a fluffy rug on the floor and make sure the chair is comfortable. All these things matter a lot when you work from home.


Transforming an empty corner of your house into a productive working space might seem a little challenging. However, if you decorate it nicely and bring color to that space, it will become a pleasure to sit at the desk and perform your daily duties.

Ambiance matters the most, and since we are visual creatures we want to be able to work efficiently. We can do it, but we need that space to be decorated properly. Modular furniture, shelves, flowers, and comfortable seating are fundamental when we want a basic corner to become our most productive area of the house.

Do you have a home office? What are your tips for staying organized? Share with us in the comments below!

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