15 Signs You Married the Best Wife EVER!

15 Signs You Married the Best Wife EVER!

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Getting married can be terrifying. You’re basically rolling the dice sometimes and hoping for the best. Even the strongest relationships sometimes grow apart as the partners change over the year. But when you find the right person for you, it ends up being the best decision you’ve ever made.

In case you were wondering, here are 15 signs that your wife is the absolute best decision you’ve ever made.

1. She Supports Your Crazy Ideas

We all have dreams. And dreams start off as barely hatched thoughts that need nourishment in order to become their potential. But if your spouse squashes those dreams when they’re still embryonic, it can be soul crushing. But when she helps you think through them, points out good and bad parts of them, and then is your biggest cheerleader, there is literally nothing you can’t accomplish.

2. She Tells You When You’re Being a Bit TOO Crazy

In the same manner that you want a wife who will support you when you’re going out on a limb, you also need one that can see the dangers that lurk beneath that limb and are willing to call you on it. This is a fine balance between being a wet blanket and being the voice of reason. But when you find someone who can cheer you on when you need it, then pull you back when you’re out too far, then you have a keeper!

3. She Loves Animals

Okay, animals aren’t for everyone. But there’s something to be said about a creature that is completely at your mercy for love and attention. This doesn’t mean she has to invite them into your home or adopt every puppy. But if she’s kind to animals, then she will be kind to people who are likewise helpless. It’s a great indicator of her soul.

4. She Laughs at Your Jokes

Let’s be honest, most husband jokes are pretty terrible. And when you have kids they graduate to terrible dad jokes. But you’ll know you’ve found the one when she laughs even though you know they’re silly. It’s because she’s laughing with you and not just at the substance of your jokes.

5. You Have Inside Jokes Together

Having inside jokes means that you’ve had shared experiences that you both think are funny. And if you can share a sense of humor then you’ll always have that to fall back on. Anyone who is in sync with you will eventually develop inside jokes with you after being around you for a certain time. If you have inside jokes with your wife, she’s awesome!

6. She Thinks You’re Sexy

We’re not all blessed with the body of Ryan Reynolds and the jawline of Brad Pitt. But that’s okay. Let’s be honest, most of our wives aren’t Hollywood starlets. But that’s not important. What’s important is that they find you to be handsome, beautiful, and most of all sexy. Whether she loves your beard or the way your eyes moisten when you’re watching a Disney movie, it doesn’t matter. Finding someone sexy rarely involves pure physical attraction after a few years. So, if you can still turn her on after a few years, she’s the one for you.

7. You’re Able to be Vulnerable Around Her

This one is also tied to you as a spouse. It’s not 100% one sided. You need to be able to open up to her and share with her your fears, dreams, and wishes. But if you get chided when you do this or you don’t feel properly reciprocated, then you’ll shut that down with a quickness. And you can’t have that in a relationship. So you need someone that gives you a safe place to open up. It’s critical for your psyche. So, if your wife is your shoulder to cry on or your sounding board for your struggles, then you’ve got a winner.

8. She Treats Customer Service, Wait Staff, and Other Service Industry People with Respect

I know this sounds superficial, but it’s not. You see, these people who work in these job positions start off in a position of subservience to us. They’re there to make our lives easier. And we’ve all probably been in one of these jobs before. Thus, when you can empathize with these individuals and treat them with respect and kindness, it shows that you understand things are not always their fault, that they deserve your respect and kindness, and that you are kind to those that you don’t necessarily have to be kind to. So, if she is kind to people in these job positions, then she’s an all-star wife.

9. She’s Fair

Has she ever insisted that you go out with your friends because she’s been out with hers the last few times? Has she offered to get up with the kids in the middle of the night because she knows you have a big day ahead of you? Then she’s fair. But this is a two way road. You have to give to receive. But if you’re giving and never receiving, that could be a sign that something is off. But also ensure that you’re not always taking and never giving back in return. That’s damaging. Find someone who understands the balance of responsibilities and hold her close.

10. She Wants you to Have your Own Things

Everyone has their own identity. And when we get married there is a tendency to lose your identity and develop one that’s always tied to your spouse. But then you risk losing some of the things that make you, you. So you need your own hobbies and time to yourself. Time to reconnect with the person you were for the couple of decades you were before you met her. And she needs that time as well. And when you’re both okay with each of you being together but maintaining your own enjoyment, then you’ll be better off for it.

11. She Takes Care of you When You’re Sick

This might not seem too important, but it goes back to taking care of those less fortunate than us. You can spend months in a soup kitchen helping the poor, but if you can’t muster up empathy and care for the person you spend the most time with, then you’re missing something. Make sure that you take care of her when she’s in need, and if she reciprocates, then she’s a keeper.

12. She Has Her Own Dreams

Back to the topic of maintaining your own identities after you get married, your wife needs to have her own dreams. Too often society tells women that they’re there to merely support their spouse, but they have so much beauty, creativity, and intelligence inside of them, it would be a crime not to let them chase their dreams. But first they have to have them. So make sure she feels your support and help her chase her dreams in the same way that she helps you chase yours.

13. She Kicks Your Butt When  You Need It

Sometimes we get into ruts. We clock in and out of life and don’t really push ourselves to greater heights. Having a strong woman next to you that can identify this and give you the necessary kick in the pants is essential in achieving success.

14. She’s Your Friend

While it’s healthy to have your own goals and your own hobbies. It’s also important to make sure you are both building something together. And to do this, friendship is critical. Make sure you don’t fall into the pattern of becoming roommates with benefits. But rather, go out on dates, laugh under the stars, drop everything and just go see each other for no reason. Do the things that best friends do together.

15. You Couldn’t Imagine Your Life Without Her

Regardless of what we write in this list, it all boils down to your relationship with your wife. You can’t treat your life like a checklist and expect things to work out exactly according to plan. So, after all of this, if you can truthfully say that you couldn’t imagine going through life next to anyone else but her, then that’s all you need. She’s the one for you. And you’ve married the absolute best wife ever!

How do you know you married the best wife ever? Share with us in the comments below!