How to Know if My Wife Still Loves Me?

How to Know if My Wife Still Loves Me?

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There are points in most marriages when one spouse or the other feels like they’ve lost some of their spark and wonder if their spouse still loves them. Sometime though, that loss of spark feeling really just means you guys are moving into a very comfortable state with each other.

If you’ve been wondering this lately, then ask yourself if your wife does any of these things. If you can still say yes to many of these things, then you can rest assured that your wife still loves you.

Signs that your Wife Still Loves You

  1. She asks you about your day.
  2. She shows interest in your work and follows up when you tell her about important projects.
  3. She asks you what’s wrong when you’re feeling down.
  4. She asks for your opinion on things that are important to her.
  5. When you’re gone for a while, she says that she misses you.
  6. You guys are still able to laugh and have conversations together.
  7. She shows appreciation for you and enjoys the gifts you give her, no matter how small.
  8. She purchases small things for you, like drinks or snacks, that she knows you like and show she’s thinking of you.
  9. If you’re feeling stressed she tries to help you and even do some of your tasks.
  10. She worries about you.
  11. She is supportive when the lows hit, like job loss of the death of a family member.
  12. She forgives you.
  13. She enjoys being intimate with you from hand holding to cuddling to sex.
  14. She likes to share whatever you like and cares to become a part of your world and your hobbies.
  15. She isn’t afraid to tell you about her hopes, dreams, and fears.

What’s something your wife does that makes you feel loved no matter what? Share with us in the comments below!