3 Tips to Help Find More Topics for Onsite Blogging

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blog-543657_1280Business blogging, especially when done on your internal website, continues to gain importance in B2B marketing. Its numerous benefits, ranging from SEO improvements to establishing thought leadership, make onsite blogging a valuable online tool for marketers.

Still, many companies, especially those marketing to other businesses, are hesitant when it comes to blogging. The general sentiment that “our company just isn’t interesting enough to write something about every day/week” remains prevalent. So we’re here to offer advice: even the most “boring” company can continuously write engaging and interesting content! If you have trouble finding topics for your business blog, consider these categories:

1) Behind the Scenes

No matter what business you’re in, your work environment is unique. Whether you manufacture parts or consult on financial plans, the characters and work processes in your company are unlike any of your competitors – let alone companies in other industries. So why not give your audience an insight into just how your company “works” behind the scenes? From interviewing employees to virtual tours through your offices or workspace, these types of blog posts increase the transparency of your company, increasing trust among potential customers.

2) Answering Questions

Still, those potential customers may have questions about your products and services. Your salespeople and customer service agents probably get littered with these types of questions. So why not answer the most common ones in a blog post? Find out which questions are asked most often, and write a blog post about each one of them. Then, when it pops up again, your salespeople and customer service agents can direct their counterparts directly to a detailed answer.

3) Industry News

Of course, you can also think bigger, going beyond your company and into your entire industry. Whether you manufacture plastics or provide marketing services, you likely keep up to date with industry news and developments regularly. And if you do, why not share those news via your blog? Beyond simply showing your audience that you’re up to snuff, your blog also allows you to add a unique slant to this news, elaborating on how it affects your specific company and its customers.

In short, there’s never a shortage of potential blog posts. The key is finding them and keeping a steady stream of content coming.

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