Flea and Tick Advice for Your Dog

Best way to get rid of fleas and ticks

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Ticks and fleas are really very annoying pests that you as a pet owner will have to deal with. Nowadays, there are lots of flea & tick medicines that can treat and even prevent fleas as well as ticks in dogs.

With regard to your knowledge about fleas, you must know that the flea is basically a small and wingless jumping insect and it sucks the blood of mammals and birds

In order to select an ideal medicine with regards to flea & tick medicine, you should consult your veterinarian. The disease in your pet will be based on your pet’s lifestyle, the place where you live as well as your pet’s overall health. The above-mentioned factors will help your veterinarian in providing a prescription related to flea and tick heartworm prevention.

Choice medications that will help you in the treatment of ticks and fleas in dogs: You should choose wisely the medications that will prevent the appearance of ticks and fleas in your dog. You must ensure that the product you purchase is of the correct size for the weight of your dog. Some of the top products on the market include:

Medications Which Help In Flea Control

  • Capstar®: It helps in killing adult dog fleas within 30 minutes. You may have to use it with Program® as it also helps in the prevention of preventing fleas and eggs from hatching.

  • Program®: This is a sort of medicine that helps in controlling flea infestation as it prevents the development of flea eggs. You will easily find it in the form of a spill and also in both liquid and tablet formulations.

Medications That Help In Controlling Fleas and Ticks

  • Frontline Top Spot®: It is a medicine that prevents as well as kills fleas and ticks. It is available in the form of a Topical liquid which you can use once monthly.

  • K9Advantix®: It is a sort of medicine that prevents and at the same time kills the fleas and ticks on your dog. It is available in the form of a Topical liquid which you can use once monthly. It is also waterproof.

Medications to Control Ticks, Fleas and Heartworms

  • Revolution®: It is a medicine that prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas, and even controls ear mites and deer ticks. It is available in the form of a Topical liquid which you can use once monthly

So it is with the help of these medicines that you can rid your dog of flea and tick problems

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