Using eBooks as an Evergreen Marketing Strategy

Using eBooks as an Evergreen Marketing Strategy

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Many businesses seem to think that content creation is limited to blogs and the material on their website. While blogging is an important part of content marketing, it’s not enough on its own. Businesses need to incorporate other sources of content to give their marketing campaign more substance.

This is where businesses can be creative and show why they’re in the industry they’re in. To supplement their content marketing campaigns, some businesses include short videos that are about relevant topics in the industry.

One medium that businesses often skip over is books or ebooks. Writing a book is a good opportunity for a business owner to show his expertise and explain how the industry is growing and changing. Books should be informative and helpful, but the true purpose they’ll serve is to give more visibility to your brand. A Forbes article explains how people use books to promote their own brand:

“Like movies, people often think of books as selling themselves, but savvy marketers don’t sell books just to sell books, they sell books as marketing tools. Michael Port’s sales manual Book Yourself Solid is a great read for entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketers, and while I’m sure Port enjoys selling his book, the book is a tool for driving customers to his coaching and speaking services.”

Writing a book shows that you have an extraordinary understanding of the industry your business is in. When writing, focus on the quality of the information and the level of writing. This is what readers will associate with your brand after they’re done reading. If you wrote a good book with quality content, they’ll assume your company is just as thorough.

Then, when the book is finished, you can promote your ebook all over social media, your website, and in your marketing emails. You can later post blogs that are excerpts from the book so you don’t have to come up with new material every week.

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