Content Marketing: Why You Should Write Blog Posts in a Series

Content Marketing: Why You Should Write Blog Posts in a Series

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As you probably already know, writing for your blog regularly is one of the basic foundations of content marketing. However, there are a lot of different ways to do it, and shaking up your style and your posting methods can be smart.

For example, if you have never written and posted blog posts in a series, it’s a good idea to consider doing so. Pick a topic that is related to your niche, and make sure that it is something that you can write multiple posts about. Then, consider releasing a series and adding to it on a scheduled basis—such as every week—until you have covered the topic thoroughly.

There are quite a few reasons why posting in a series can be a smart idea. These are a few of them. Consider these benefits, and you might find that you’ll want to come up with a blog series topic to start writing about right away.

Keep Readers Coming Back

One of the main benefits of posting in a series is the fact that you can keep readers coming back that way. If someone reads just one blog post that you have written, he or she might share it on social media or type a comment. However, the blog post will probably be forgotten about pretty quickly after it is written.

This is not the case with a series, however. If the reader really enjoys what he or she read or learns something, then he or she will be more likely to bookmark your blog and come back later to read another part of your series. This can help you develop long-term readers who will naturally become more interested in your products and services or who will be more apt to click on your advertisements.

You can even capitalize on this by promoting your series each week on social media. Check out the social media profiles for your favorite show, for example. You will probably see clips from last week’s episode, clips from next week’s episode, light spoilers and advertisements reminding you to tune in next week to see the next episode. You can do something very similar when promoting your blog series. This will keep people talking about your website and will encourage readers to come back later to read the next installment of your series…and the next. Since your readers are already interested after reading your first post, you don’t have to sell them on the value of reading your next post like you would if you completely switched topics.

Go a Little More In-Depth

Some topics deserve a little more attention than others. Ideally, you’ll choose a topic that deserves a lot of attention when you’re picking a topic for your blog series.

People disagree about how long a single blog post should be, but it can pretty much be agreed that no one is looking to read a blog post that is the length of an e-book.

By creating a series, however, you provide yourself with the opportunity to dive in and go a little more in-depth on a topic that is important to your industry. This is great for giving certain topics the attention that they deserve or for really teaching and informing your readers. Plus, it gives you a little more time in-between each post to do your research and really write a solid post.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

You want people who visit your blog to see you as an expert in your chosen industry. Your entire blog can help you with this, but the truth is that plenty of people can write on short blog post about something. Not everyone can create a whole series that covers a topic in-depth, however. Taking the time to build a strong series can allow you to show your readers just how much of an expert you really are in regards to your industry.

Enjoy More Page Hits

This isn’t necessarily relevant for all blogs, but if you rely on advertising revenue on your blog, then creating a series can help with this. Later on, when people are reading your series from start to finish, they’ll click to each page, one-by-one. This equals more page views and can help you bring in more advertising revenue.

If you are looking for posting ideas for your content marketing campaign and would like to improve your blog, consider creating a blog post series. Your series can vary in length between a few parts or many, and you can write about just about any topic that you want.

It’s best to choose a topic that people in your industry will be truly interested in, something that you can truly go in-depth with and something that isn’t too saturated and overly written about online. Take your time in choosing a topic, and make sure that you write each post for your series as well as you can. If you do these things, you’re sure to see positive results from your series, and you might decide to do it again on another topic later.

This is just one of the many things that we can help you with in regard to marketing. Content marketing, search engine optimization, and everything in-between are also needed to a successful inbound marketing campaign.

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