A Look at the Potentials of Fury Tactical SDK Self-Defense Keychain

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The Fury Tactical SDK Self-Defense Keychain comes with a pressure tip and a ring for the thumb and grooves that serve as hand grip. It is 5.75 inches in length and it only weighs 2 ounces. The product comes in different colors like black, pink, silver, Yukon gold, crimson red and other colors to suit different preferences.

Fury Tactical SDK Self-Defense Keychain Advantage

The Fury Tactical SDK Self Defense Keychain is very convenient to wield due to its ridges that are made for the fingers. This gives the user a tight grip over this self-defense weapon. In addition, the thumb rest as well as the ring offers it a firm base that would prevent it from wobbling around while being used. These factors give the user added precision while targeting the key points of the body.

This self-defense weapon is also made to be non-lethal but it could surely incapacitate a foe when its pressure tip hits the vital points of the body such as the neck, in between ribs, the temple and others. However, this could prove to be dangerous if the eye of a person gets hit with its pressure tip.

The concealable feature of this product is a great way to provide a surprise counterattack against an assailant. A person with martial arts training could boost the damaging power of the weapon too.

Fury Tactical SDK Self-Defense Keychain Disadvantages

This type of self-defense weapon can be better utilized by a person who is familiar with the pressure points of the body. Then, the weapon does not provide a significant increase in the reach of the user. So, this definitely puts the user in a disadvantageous position against a person holding a long range or longer weapon. Some users with thicker thumbs complain also about the thumb ring not fitting well.