Heavy Rubber Nunchaku Self-Defense Review

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A nunchaku features two shafts, usually made of wood or any hardened materials, connected by a chain. It is also popularly known as nunchucks or chainsticks. This melee self defense weapon is very famous in the martial arts circle, and it was seen as the weapon of choice of ninjas in the popular culture as well as the legendary martial arts icon, Bruce Lee.

For those who are looking to buy this self-defense weapon, BladesUSA, a renowned producer of self-defense weapons, offers the BladesUSA 904 Heavy Rubber Nunchaku 12-Inch on Amazon. The product features steel chains connecting two hard shafts. However, as its name implies, the two sticks are made of hard rubber instead of the traditional wooden shafts.

BladesUSA 904 Heavy Rubber Nunchaku Specs

The dimensions of the heavy rubber nunchaku sold by BladesUSA measures 12.3-inch in length, 2.6-inch in width and 1.4-inches in thickness. The overall weight of the product is around 1.2 pounds.

Each stick is padded by a quarter-inch high-impact foam. Beneath the covering is a durable plastic. The item is made in Taiwan.

Self-Defense Advantages of the Weapon

Despite the rubber padding and plastic center of the heavy rubber nunchaku, a well-executed strike using this can surely hurt someone. A hit on the bony areas of the body, especially the face, can result to bruises, or it can open up cuts. A blow in the neck, groin, nose, temples, and other vital areas of the human body can cause a knockdown or unconsciousness. The weapon even has the tendency to result to death if used repeatedly in the sensitive areas of the body.

The item is not only limited to striking. You can use it in choking your opponents as well. Expert users even utilize this tool in grappling or throwing people.

In terms of concealability, the dimensions of the heavy rubber nunchucks makes it easy to pack it in a bag or a casing that can be attached to your garments.

Nunchucks can also be carried legally in most states unlike other types of self-defense weapons. It is highly advised that you hide in a bag though so you will not attract too much attention from other people.

You can use this self-defense weapon in training too. Utilizing a nunchaku in martial arts training will help you significantly improve your reflexes and the coordination of your arms.

Disadvantages Presented by the Weapon

In general, using a nunchaku in self-defense requires rigid training. So, not everyone can use this. If you lack the body coordination or training required to handle this item, you might only end up hurting yourself.

As for the heavy rubber nunchaku of BladesUSA, some users complain that its foam tends to get out of place sometimes. Others complain that the chainlinks are too long for them.

The first issue can be easily remedied by putting a strong rubber glue beneath the foam. The second can be solved by using replacing the chains or by removing some of them using household tools.

Should You Buy the BladesUSA 904 Heavy Rubber Nunchaku

The heavy rubber nunchaku of Blades USA is recommended for people who are trained to use nunchucks in self defense. The item can be very damaging and effective in the hands of a trained user. However, if you lack the skills to use this weapon, this is not advisable for you.

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