A Self-Defense Review of the BladesUSA Arm Cuff

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The BladesUSA YC-709 Arm Cuff is another best-selling product in Amazon. This item from BladesUSA heavily borrows the design of the Batman arm cuff, which can be seen in the several films of the Dark Knight. However, it should be noted that this type of accessory has been depicted to used by ninjas in legends and in popular culture too.

Most people purchase this product due to its likeness with the pair of arm cuffs used by Batman. Usually, they buy it to complete their Batman costume collection or as an accessory when attending comic conventions, Halloween events, role-playing activities, or costume parties in general. But, in this article, we will check if the BladesUSA Arm Cuff is also useful in self-defense situations.


The product comes in a one-size-fits-all set. The shipping weight of the merchandise is around 12.8 ounces. It has an adjustable nylon strap with leather arm guards. Below the arm cuff are three sharp spikes made of real metal.


The BladesUSA Arm Cuff is not only for show. The product can be used in self-defense situations too.

The metal spikes beneath the arm guard can be used as a self defense weapon. Each spike has been sharpened right at the tip. The combination of the three spikes gives the product the capability to cut through the skin of your opponent like a saw.

Skin contact with the sharp blades of the arm cuff will surely draw blood if used with adequate precision. The blades may not be able to rupture internal organs like a long knife, but their slice can be lethal in certain areas like the neck. Excessive bleeding may arise when the cut hits the veins, or blindness may occur when the blades strike the eyes.

The BladesUSA Arm Cuff provides protection for the forearms as well. The thick leather can be used to block punches or kicks. It has the tendency to reduce the slicing of a knife also while it is being swung at you. Alternatively, you can use its spikes to deflect a knife.

In addition, the adjustable straps of the BladesUSA Arm Cuff prevent the accessory from getting removed easily and from sliding off the arms.


The spikes of the arm cuff may have the possibility of causing serious cuts, but using it to slice someone can be hard. You have to get very close to your opponent to do this. Then, the blades will only cut through the skin effectively if used in a backhand or hammer-like motion with the spiked area facing the target.

Next, the leather material of the arm guard is not guaranteed to provide heavy protection against blades. The tip of a knife has a huge probability to pierce through the leather during a direct contact wherein the weapon is being thrust towards you. It does, however, reduce the force of the weapon and lessen your injury.


Aside from its use in costume parties or comics conventions, the BladesUSA Arm Cuff can be very handy in self-defense. It can be used in both offense and defense, but with certain restrictions. Overall, it is recommended for purchase due to the advantages mentioned above and its positive reviews from buyers in Amazon. You can also get much easier weapons to use for a similar price that are more reliable and have a longer range.

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