Inferno Fury Crossbow Self-Defense Weapon Review

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Silent, but deadly. Such feature is what makes a crossbow stand out from a gun in self-defense or when hunting. This is the reason why self-defense experts, survivalists often prefer this weapon.

In this article, we are going to review one of the popular products in Amazon today, the Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit from Arrow Precision. We will take a particular look at its features as well as its survival and self-defense potentials.

Product Specifications

The set comes complete with a crossbow, red dot sight, four arrows, mountable quiver, adjustable scope, sling, and ambidextrous safety mechanism. The seller also offers an assembly kit for the convenience of the user and an extra string in case the original wears out. The self-defense weapon has a fully-dipped camouflage pattern, aluminum rail and a barrel with compression fiberglass limbs.

Without the foot stirrup, the item measures 34.5 inches long and its width is around 26.5 inches. Then, it weighs approximately 9 pounds. The weapon carries a 10.5-inch power stroke with a draw weight of 175 pounds enabling its arrow to fly at a speed of 235 feet per second.

Nice Things About the Inferno Fury Crossbow

The key advantage of a crossbow versus gun is that the former does not produce an ear-ringing noise like the latter. That makes the crossbow a very efficient killing tool while sneaking.

The Inferno Fury Crossbow is capable of killing a person with a single shot under its effective range. That is if the shot punctures a major organ, or when the wound it produced has been left to bleed excessively.

Next, unlike a gun that consumes ammunition, you can just pick and reuse the arrow of the crossbow if it is still in ideal condition.

In addition, firing a crossbow does not carry the same recoil produced by a gunpowder-operated weapon. This increases its accuracy compared to guns.

It can also be a good weapon to show in order to intimidate would-be thieves and burglars.

Downsides of the Inferno Fury Crossbow

In general, a crossbow has  a low rate of fire, and reloading it can be quite a hassle and time-consuming. This will place you at a serious disadvantage when you are being confronted by multiple attackers.

Then, the effective range of this self-defense weapon varies on many factors such as its angle when it was fired, distance from the target, the wind, the condition of its string, and materials used for its arrows.

As for the product, some users advice greasing the sides of the flight groove regularly with wax or oil because drawing the string constantly rubs its surface, which causes it to dry easily. Drying can result to difficulty in drawing the string or it may quickly wear the string.

The major downside of the Inferno Fury Crossbow is that it is too long and wide. This makes it very hard to conceal or store in a bag.


A crossbow almost guarantees either a serious injury or a sure kill. So, if you are looking for a long range weapon that you can truly rely on, go with the Inferno Fury Crossbow. It is very handy as well in hunting and a good addition to your self-defense weapons if you are on the watch for scenarios like the zombie apocalypse.

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