Batman Knife with Dual Assist Open Blades Self-Defense Review

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Protect yourself the Dark Knight style with the WarTech USA Batman Knife with Dual Assist Open Blades. The self-defense weapon comes in a unique design complete with a Batman logo and shape that imitates the one used by the Dark Knight in the movies.

The double blade can be activated using an assist-open mechanism. The liner locks also effectively hold the blades in place. Each blade is made of stainless steel and its cutting edge measures up to three inches. Overall, the WarTech USA Batman Knife with Dual Assist Open Blades measures up to 11 ¼ inches with both blades open, 8 ½ inches when only one blade is activated, and 5 ¾ inches when closed.

WarTech USA Batman Knife Advantages

In a close quarter combat, the WarTech USA Batman Knife with Dual Assist Open Blades will surely put you in an advantage because of its pointed and sharp edges on its polar opposites. You can use this self-defense weapon for stabbing or slicing.

WarTech USA Batman Knife Disadvantages

The unique design of this self-defense weapon makes it hard to handle as the curves do not go well with the contours of the palm. But despite the discomfort, the curves provide a nice grip.

You have seen Batman throwing this weapon to an adversary too in the movies. However, it is not advisable to be thrown against an opponent unless you are an expert in knife throwing.

With an amateur thrower, there is a small chance that its sharp tip or edges will hit the target effectively. There is a chance that the non-sharpened part will only hit the aggressor, so this self-defense weapon is more recommended to be used as a knife. Or better yet, simply kept as a novelty item.


While holding this knife may make you feel the spirit of the dark crusader in your veins while you are holding it, it’s not the best self-defense tool out there. This definitely performs better as a collectable than a self-defense tool.

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