Powered Airsoft Revolver Review for Self-Defense

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The TSD Sports 4-Inch Barrel Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver comes in a black and steel colors. The revolver is capable of holding up to 8 round shell magazines that are single loaded. It has a single shot hammer action and its 0.20 gram airsoft pellets can travel from 290 up to 315 feet per second. The product is made up of plastic.

Advantage in Self-Defense

I cannot say much about the TSD Sports 4-Inch Barrel Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver since it does not provide much tactical advantage. But the model can be intimidating because it strongly resembles a real firearm. This has the tendency to make a potential attacker to think twice and could be used to scare a potential robber or burglar off.

Then, there’s a good chance to disorient a target with it by aiming at the eyes.

It is very easy to carry too because of its very light weight. You can conveniently conceal it in a large pocket or strap it into your waist.


Again the replica gun only offers intimidation. This plastic gun should never be used against a very determined assailant because there’s a huge chance that you will surely be beaten easily. The pellets of the plastic gun coupled with its very low power will never stop an attacker in his/her tracks. Plus, hitting a target in the eyes may only get him/her distracted for a few seconds and potentially make him/her angrier.

Hammering someone with it will surely put a good hurting. But then again, the plastic is sure to break if you use it to club someone. So, there’s really nothing much with this if you use it for protection.


The TSD Sports 4-Inch Barrel Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver is really only good for play. Moreover, this is ideally made for you if you love airsoft or you are an avid replica gun collector. It would not make an ideal go-to in a self-defense situation.

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