Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves Review

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The Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves are a great way to protect your body from many possible scenarios both around the home and in self-defense. It is just one of the best-selling items produced by Revco.

There are a number of kevlar sleeves sellers online, many of which who sell knock-off, lower quality items. So make sure you check the seller you’re going through to make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality pair. This article will tackle the specs, effectiveness, and good scenarios for use of these black kevlar sleeves.

Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves Specs and Uses

They are great for protecting your arms from getting scratched or hurt due to combat or any type of day to day activity, from picking blackberries or handling pets that have rough claws. It guards users against abrasion, cuts, and light spars or heat. It is flame resistant, so users can be assured of safety from burns.

Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves are easy to use. Just like most gloves, users just have to slip it unto their arms for added protection. However, unlike most gloves in the market which only come up to at least an inch or so from the hand itself, Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves are longer and provide more coverage. Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves are 18 inches long, so the user’s whole arm is practically covered and protected from any type of harm.

For complete protection, we recommend using these sleeves with a pair of high-quality protective gloves.

Tactical Advantages of Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves

Aside from the fact that it can be handy for melee combat, users also note that it is especially helpful in cold weather because it provides added heat to combat the harsh environment. It is easy to use and aside from the protection, it also gives added comfort to the arms because of the support it provides.

Being abrasion resistant, this also allows users to go into knife fights unscathed. It is good for deflecting a blade. Also, it comes in black, so it also provides protection from the sun and can pretty much go with any type of colored clothing.

Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves are also lightweight. So, you can bring it anywhere and be protected any time of day. This is probably the most important reason why users buy this item because it is very handy.

Disadvantages of Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves

Some buyers complain of the size. Eighteen inches is longer than most Kevlar sleeves, but there are people who definitely have longer arms than that. Aside from that, however, no other issues have come up about the product.

Should you Buy Them?

For a product that typically retails for around twenty dollars, we think this is a great buy and have a pair for ourselves. While we haven’t had to use these sleeves in a self-defense scenario yet, we have found many uses for them around the house where we appreciate the extra arm protection.

Buyers will have the protection they need in exchange for a great price. Given the fact that buyers of Black Stallion Kevlar Sleeves come from various fields of employment, this product is highly versatile. In fact, buyers range from zookeepers to combat fighters. The product is even listed in the household item category because of the protection it can provide any home.

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