Tactical Gloves Self-Defense Review

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Rothco Tactical Gloves aim to provide protection to the whole handsThese are designed to withstand flame, heat, and cuts from sharp objects. The products also feature thick pads that protect the knuckles from getting hurt when striking.

The items are manufactured and distributed by Rothco through Amazon. The company is known for its combat and self defense products ranging from knives, clothing and accessories.

Product Specifications

Rothco Tactical Gloves are mostly composed of Kevlar materials. The materials run around the entire back of the hands, including the fingers. These feature hard knuckle guards with open cell foams. Then, the palms of the items are made up of goatskin leather, plus the wrists have hook and loop closures.

These gloves for self defense are available only in black but they come in different sizes to accommodate various users. The sizes offered by the items are small, medium, large, XL, and XXL.

Advantages of Rothco Tactical Gloves

The Rothco Tactical Gloves present a wide range of functions:

  • First, you can use these to protect the hands when punching. The padding located at the backhand will prevent your knuckles from getting injured when striking the bony areas of a person’s body and face.
  • Next, the undersides of the gloves are designed to offer better traction for the palms. These will allow you to grab your target easily when attempting to restrain or throw your opponent.
    • The improved grip will allow you to wield self defense weapons better like knives, guns, bats and others.
    • The non-slippery and water-resistant surface of the palms of the gloves makes it harder for your opponent to disarm you too.
    • The traction of the gloves also permits the user to perform other activities that require holding or hanging to objects like in climbing, or rope pulling.
  • Finally, the gloves are quite handy in emergency situations. The heat resistant characteristics of the products will let you clear out hot objects easier while their cut-proof features will allow you to clear sharp debris like glass without cutting your hand.

Disadvantages of Rothco Tactical Gloves

There are several complaints that have been raised by a number of buyers. Among them are complaints about receiving defective products, wherein the Velcro slips are damaged or do not stay tight. Also, complaints about the stitching on a number of products not being aligned properly.

While the items are advertised as cut resistant, using a knife can easily damage them. They are only effective on loose shards of glass, or sharp objects other than a steel knife.

Should You Buy Them?

If you are looking for good protection for your hands, at a reasonable price, then these are definitely a good choice for you. These are very handy as well when you are looking for a good traction for the hands when climbing or grappling.

However, if you are looking for an item that will let you dish plenty of damage to your opponent when punching, it is advisable that you get hard knuckles instead. Also, if you’re looking for gloves that will let you grab knives and be completely cut proof, you’re also going to want to think about buying something else.

Source: Amazon

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