Boker Plus Tactical Pen Self-Defense Weapon Review

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The Boker Plus Tactical Pen is not only for writing. It is also made for self-defense.

The tactical pen measures five inches in length and its diameter measures .45 inches. It is hard coated with anodized CNC milled aluminum and it comes in various colors like black and titanium gray to fit the preference of its owner. The product is operated with a bolt action mechanism that enables its tip to be opened and retracted easily.

Boker Plus Tactical Pen Self-Defense Weapon Advantages

As a self-defense weapon, the Boker Plus Tactical Pen can be easily concealed. It can be easily mistaken as an ordinary pen too. These instances will provide you a way to surprise your opponent in many ways.

The hard body and the tip of the pen enable it to pierce an aluminum can or even a cardboard box. So, when used in soft areas like the eyes or throat area, it can definitely inflict a serious injury or even kill.

In addition, the thumb rest and handle of the pen provides the hand an effective grip. This will offer you added accuracy when targeting a certain body part.

Boker Plus Tactical Pen Self-Defense Weapon Disadvantages

Despite the power of the Boker Plus Tactical Pen, this will not provide your reach a significant increase. Thus, you can only effectively use this when your opponent is only close. It is not advisable to use this as well against an armed assailant or skilled fighter. You can only rely in the element of surprise that this weapon brings to put yourself at an advantage.

Moreover, the price of this pen is a bit expensive. That amount would already let you buy a pepper gun that can disorient a target over a longer distance or a decent knife that can cause more injury. I personally feel like this particular product is more gimmick and less useful than many other options.

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