Cold Steel Blowgun Self-Defense Review

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In self-defense, having an advantage in terms of range can be a huge game changer. This will let you take down single or multiple attackers without the need to expose yourself or to get close to them. So, if you are considering a long range weapon that you could use to protect yourself, the Cold Steel Blowgun promises to be a good addition to your arsenal.

But how reliable is it in self-defense? Let us explore the tactical advantages and the downsides of this weapon based on actual tests and customer reviews.

Cold Steel Blowgun Product Details

Listed as “Cold Steel 4 Foot .625 Blowgun Big Bore Hunting Weapon” in Amazon, the product features a four-foot tubular body with a mouthpiece, rubber ferrule, quiver, quiver guard, and 36 darts. Overall, the product weighs around 8.8 ounces.

The item is manufactured by Cold Steel, which is famous for its knives and other melee self-defense weapons. The materials used in the product are combinations of polymer, rubber, and aluminum.

Cold Steel Blowgun Tactical Advantages

The primary advantage provided by this self-defense weapon is that it will enable you to hit your opponent at a long range with accuracy. With enough practice or training, you could hit a circle having two inches in diameter at a distance of 20 yards, or even farther.

The four-foot shaft of the blowgun increases the length that the dart travels down the tip. It also enables the dart to build up momentum on its way to a target. As a result, its accuracy is significantly increased, and the added force would let it penetrate half-inch of plywood. That’s just the plywood, so imagine what it can do to the skin. Hitting the target right in the eye can lead to permanent damage or blindness on the affected area.

Next, users can have a variety of options to choose from in its projectiles. The 36 heavy darts in the package include  12 stun, 12 mini broadhead, 6 broadhead, and 6 bamboo types.

If an attacker gets too close to you for you to be able to shoot the darts off effectively, then you could resort to hitting the attacker with the dart gun and potentially using to hands to wield the darts.

Downsides of the Cold Steel Blowgun

The major drawback of this self-defense  weapon is that it is very hard to conceal. Its four-foot length cannot be folded or broken down in two unlike the other variants of long blowguns. Thus, carrying it will surely make you attract attention to yourself. This may be an issue in states with strict rules about carrying or possession of weapons.

Then, some users complain about the quality of its stun darts. According to some complaints, they tend to get damaged easily even when stored, and they jam when loaded on the blowgun.

Furthermore, the heavy darts require a lot of air to be launched effectively. Therefore, you should really practice holding and releasing a lot of air in your mouth to ensure the power and accuracy of each projectile.

It also would require an element of surprise or you’d need to be in an area where an attacker couldn’t get to you quickly as you’d need time to set it up and shot the weapon.

Overall, this is only good in distracting or discouraging potential attackers because of its very shallow penetrating power. However, hitting the target in the eyes is a different story. It does take a lot of precision and practice to hit that area though.

Is the Cold Steel Blowgun Worth It?

For hunting trips or fun target shooting, this product is a great buy. We have some reservations when using it for self-defense though because of its low penetrating power and the amount of skill it takes to guarantee its accuracy. However, if you are into long range weapons, or you are skilled in using blow darts, this may be a good addition to your self-defense weapons collection.

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