Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher Baseball Bat Product Review

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If you have issues about using sharp objects or guns as self-defense, the old school baseball bat is perfect for you. You can carry it with you at home or anywhere you go without facing legal problems in areas that have strict rules on gun control or knives. So, if you are looking for a baseball bat that you can use for self-defense, check out this Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher product review.

About the Product

Based on the description of The Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher in Amazon, it is made of polypropylene materials that make the product very resilient from physical impact. It has a length of 29-inch length and it only weighs two pounds and one ounce.


Since we are talking about home self-defense, let’s get straight to the point by skipping the subjects related to baseball. So, the first thing that maybe running into your mind right now is how effective this product is in protecting you.

Given the hard steel of the product and it’s easy to carry features, this can be conveniently swinged by the user to the target. And with its cold and unforgiving steel, expect bruises or even broken bones to the target if hit.


It should be noted though that the Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher’s power and effectiveness actually depends on the person swinging it. Thus, whether it can incapacitate a target or kill someone depends on the way the user angles it, the part of the body where it hits or how hard the holder swings it. In addition, some users complain about its weight too.


The Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher is highly recommended for home defense. You can even bring it with you in your car when traveling. The damage that it can cause though is dependent on the power and the momentum of the person swinging it. As for its weight, which some users may find heavy, it is just an effect of the high quality of materials that were used in manufacturing the product.

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