Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives Product Review

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The Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives are based on the popular tool used by ninjas, which is the kunai. The kunai is commonly seen in martial arts films especially in manga, anime and video games. As shown in popular media, this is commonly used in assassinations. But is it really that reliable in real life situations, particularly in self-defense?

Let us attempt to answer that question by looking at its specs, advantages and downsides in relation to self-defense.

About the Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives

The Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives can be bought in Amazon and one set comes with three throwing knives and a black nylon sheath that can hold them all.

The material used for the product is stainless steel. Each blade has a length of 4 inches. Overall, each throwing knife measures 6.5 inches including the handle. Each knife also has a loop on the end of its handle.


First of all, the products can easily be concealed within the body. The element of appearing defenseless will likely keep your opponent off guard, which will let you surprise him/her easily. Then, it can be used to stab or slash someone who is within your reach easily. But the best thing about a throwing knife is that you can propel it to a target that is at a certain distance.

Based on customer reviews in Amazon, the material used in the product gives each blade the durability it needs to withstand long use. This will let you practice with it to perfect your knife throwing skills.


The effectiveness of throwing a kunai depends on the skill of the user and the distance of the target. An unskilled thrower may not be able to incapacitate or even hit a target with a poor throw. Inexperience may cause accidents on the part of the user too.

Unlike its portrayal in popular media, a kunai is poor in killing a target because its blade is not that great when it comes to penetrating the bones, especially at a distance. But a lucky shot between the ribs or other soft parts of the body can definitely be fatal.

In addition, the ring at the end of the tip does not really provide a strategic advantage to the user. It was probably made only to imitate the ones shown on TV or for showing off.


The Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives set is a great self-defense weapon because it can be used for close quarter combat and for a long distance target. However, using it for throwing surely requires skill.

If you insist on using this product for self-defense, you might want to improve your throwing skills first.

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