Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps Self-Defense Weapon Review

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If you only consider your hands as your self defense weapon or you are trained in hand-to-hand combat, a pair of Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps is something that you can use. The EverGel protector has high-quality cushion, elastic wraps for the hands and wrist, neoprene material, plus Velcro lock for wrist support.

Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps Self-Defense Weapon Advantages

The Everlast EverGel may not be a self-defense weapon per se, but it will surely provide you many advantages when in a fight.

The product will provide cushion to your hand against the pressure of blunt strikes. This will help you deliver your strikes more effectively and prevent your knuckles from getting calluses, bruises or cuts when hitting the hard or bony parts of the face and body. The strong support of the item to the wrist and hand will also let you deliver your blows more accurately.

These hand wraps are effective for grappling as well because they provide extra traction to the hand. So, if you want to take your fight to the ground or you want to lock your opponent into an incapacitating submission hold, you can certainly rely on these.

In addition, the gloves can be used for parrying the attacks of your assailant. This will help lessen the force of the strikes of your opponent. Then, its padded palms can help avoid or lessen the damage that you can get when grabbing a blade used by your opponent as a weapon.

Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps Self-Defense Weapon Disadvantages

The gloves can only be used for close quarter combat situations. It is not advisable to engage an opponent armed with a knife if you are only equipped with this. But if you are confident enough with your skills or training, this will surely help you in disarming a person.

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