Black Jack Slapper Straightforward Self-Defense Review

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The BladesUSA BJ-L Black Jack Slapper is a melee self defense weapon sold in Amazon. The item is produced by BladesUSA, a company that has been identified with self-defense tools, for people looking for a weapon they can use to protect themselves in a physical confrontation.

How reliable is it in self-defense situations? Let us review in this article the specs, and more importantly, the self-defense potentials of the product.

BladesUSA Black Jack Slapper Specs

A black jack is a very deceiving weapon. Its size and appearance might make it look very feeble, but its knockout power can match an ordinary baseball bat and other conventional melee self-defense weapons. Beneath the leather covering of the weapon is metal composed of lead. Overall, this product from BladesUSA has a length of 11 inches with a weight of around 11.2 ounces.

BladesUSA Black Jack Slapper Advantages

A black jack, in general, has a very good knockout power. Repeated strikes or one carefully placed blow can either stun or incapacitate a grown man. This is most dangerous when it hits the bony areas of the body as it can cause serious bruises or bone fracture.

An accurate and forceful hit to the back of the head, skull, bridge of the nose, or temple using this product can make a person lose consciousness, or worse, kill the target. It should be noted that there have been numerous deaths that were recorded stemming from a black jack strike. So, be very careful in using it against someone. However, if the choice comes down between your life and your opponent’s life, do not hesitate to use deadly force to ensure your survival.

In addition, the size of the slapper makes it very easy to conceal and carry. You can place it in a belt holster for baton or black jack, or stuff it in your bag. You can also store it beneath your driver’s seat to protect yourself from harm during a physical confrontation along the road.

Disadvantages of the Black Jack Slapper of BladesUSA

The black jack is usually underestimated due to its appearance and size, but those who end up receiving a shot from it have proven themselves wrong.

Then, this self defense weapon is considered illegal in many states because of its capability to cause serious or lethal injuries. Thus, be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws of your area first before buying, possessing or using this item.

Next, a black jack only provides a very short reach as your hand might end up holding more than half of its length. Therefore, when using it, you should be less than an arm’s length away from your opponent in order to effectively hit him or her.


The BladesUSA Black Jack Slapper is very effective as well as dangerous. These factors may enable one to successfully protect himself or herself in life-threatening situations. So, if you are looking for a serious weapon for self-defense, this is something that you should consider.

As an alternative, if an 11-inches and 11.2 ounces black jack is too long or heavy for you, you might want to check out the Fury Tactical Slapper. The product is only 8.5-inch long with a weight of 9.6 ounces. Aside from its better concealability and lighter frame, the item is a little bit cheaper.

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