How Effective is the Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife as Self-Defense Weapon?

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The Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife is a decent self-defense weapon that you can use for close-quarter combat. This also comes in handy during outdoor trips.

This self-defense weapon has an overall length of 8.3 inches with a total weight of 8.4 ounces. Its laminated VG10 steel blade measures 3.8 inches in length. Its handle is made of a synthetic material called Thermorum and it typically comes with a free Zytel sheath. The product is an F1 type of knife and typically retails above a hundred dollars.

Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife Self-Defense Weapon Advantages

The F1 model is the standard survival knife used by armed forces in other countries like the Swedish Air Force. This is because it is convenient to carry and concealable, and it is useful in self-defense situations.

The thickness and length of the blade are ideal. It can be used for slicing and piercing. The edges and tips are sharpened to perfection to provide an effective penetrating power that can cause serious injuries and even death. The light weight of the knife does not only offer accuracy, but it does not compromise the speed of the user as well.

Moreover, the handle of the survival knife allows good traction for the hand to prevent it from accidentally slipping into the blade.

Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife Self-Defense Weapon Disadvantages

Despite the deadly potential of this survival knife, this is only good for close-quarter combat due to its short length. Although it is small and light enough to be thrown, its accuracy is poor as compared to the standard throwing knife. In addition, throwing this type of self-defense weapon requires skill and proper training. If you throw it and miss it, you’ll be out of a weapon.

Lastly, it is much more expensive than other self-defense weapons. But you can be sure though of the quality of its materials.

So, this is a good knife for survivalists and those very serious about self-defense. But more casual self-defense users can probably find something that will work well for them at a lower price point.

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