How to Choose Among the Best Knives in the World

How to Choose Among the Best Knives in the World

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Selecting the best knives in the world will ensure your survival in combat or wilderness or self-defense situations. However, there are many things that you should consider when choosing among the best knives in the world in order for you to guarantee that you will be able to put up a fighting chance when your life hangs in the balance.

Here are the factors that you should look for in selecting among the best survival knives in the world:

1. Sharpness

The main purpose of a knife in a self-defense situation is to be able to cut through its target. So, when picking the among the best knives in the world, see to it that you select the one with pointed tip and that the edge goes all the way from the part where the blade meets the handle and all the way to the tip. A knife with a pointed tip and sharp edge will also provide you more advantages in combat since you can use it for stabbing or slicing.

2. Material

Make sure that you choose the one with a full-tang design. A full-tang design means that the steel of the blade goes all the way through the handle of the knife. This makes it more durable than folding knives or the ones with shorter or separate blades.

3. Concealability

Being able to hide your knife from plain view will offer you a good tactical advantage. This feature will let you gain the element of surprise against an enemy. In addition, there are many areas that do not allow carrying deadly weapons in plain sight. Thus, this is a crucial element that you should consider.

4. Comfort

Choose the knife that you can wield comfortably as well. Only get the one that can fit conveniently to your palm and fingers. It should not slip easily so that you will avoid cutting yourself accidentally with it. Then, its weight should not be too heavy or its length should not be too long so that you can swing it precisely, quickly, and effectively.

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