Martial Arts that Offer Self-Defense Weapons Training

Martial Arts that Offer Self-Defense Weapons Training

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Have you ever been interested in taking a martial arts class, but wondered specifically about how good they are for practical self-defense? Or if they cover self-defense weapon training specifically?

There are many forms of martial arts that offer weapons training. However, these do not rely on weapons alone as their founders, developers, or practitioners also recognize the fact that there may be times when you will be caught by an attacker off-guard without your weapon or you can be disarmed during a fight.

Martial Arts with Self-Defense Weapons Training

Here are five popular forms of martial arts that provide self-defense weapons training in no particular order:

1. Arnis

Arnis is a traditional Filipino martial arts. It is also known as Eskrima or Kali. Its training focuses on sticks, bladed weapons and other improvised weapons. It also teaches unarmed combat for disarming or trapping an opponent into a deadly hold.

2. Ninjutsu

The art of Ninjutsu or Ninpo provides training in using unconventional warfare, using stealthy movements and even espionage. According to studies, this was an ancient discipline practiced by the shinobi (or ninjas in popular culture). It integrates various weapons training involving swords, knives, throwing weapons, and other unconventional weaponries.

3. Jujutsu

Jujutsu is a form of martial arts that was used by the elite warriors of medieval Japan called the samurai. It incorporates heavy and light weapons training, using projectile-based arms and unarmed combat for disarming, trapping, throwing or striking an armored opponent.

4. Bartitsu

Bartitsu or baritsu combines the arts of fencing, boxing, wrestling, savate, and the use of short bladed weapons. It was introduced in late 1890′s but it became dormant after a long period of time. However, it was immortalized by Sir Arthur Connan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novel. Currently, the art is experiencing a revival.

There are many other martial arts out there that offer weapons training aside from the ones mentioned here. Other alternatives to concentrate on weapons training alone would be to enroll in an academy or gym that offers only such.

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