Maxam Stun Gun Self-Defense Review

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The Maxam Stun Gun is an electroshock close quarter combat self-defense weapon from BF Systems. BF Systems is a known vendor of household items ranging from accessories, party tools, kitchen items, and home appliances. However, the product is sold by E-Shop Company through Amazon.

In this article, we will take a look at the specs, and most importantly, the effectiveness plus reliability of the electroshock weapon in self-defense situations.

Maxam Stun Gun Specs

The stun gun measures 6.5-inch in length, 3.2-inch in width, and 2-inch in thickness. Its weight is around 8 ounces.

The unit uses a 9-volt alkaline battery to work. The output produced by its twin-prongs is around 400,000 volts. Aside from its stun gun feature, it also has a built in flashlight that can be activated through a switch at the side.

How the Stun Gun Works

Like other electroshock weapons, the stun gun from Maxam produces a jolt capable of temporarily incapacitating a person by disrupting the normal way that his or her voluntary muscles work. When using it against a person, its prongs should come into contact with his or her skin.

Tactical Advantages of the Maxam Stun Gun

Unlike other melee self defense weapons that require physical force, all you need to do when you are armed with a stun gun is to shove its prongs to the skin of your opponent. This will let you shock, temporarily disorient, or even momentarily incapacitate the person.

You can even use the item on areas covered by clothes as long as the fabric is only thin and within skin contact. For maximum efficiency, use the stun gun on the sensitive areas of the body like the neck and shoulder areas. Contact with the face may be lethal or might cause serious injuries, so avoid using it here unless you have no other recourse.

The flashlight is a nice addition. You can use it to navigate your way in dark areas or help people locate you if you’ve been attacked in the dark or even look for stuff that you have dropped in dim areas.

Disadvantages of the Maxam Stun Gun

There are a couple of downsides that have been discovered with the product. First, it is bulky compared with other stun guns, particularly the ones from Vipertek. This might give you a little trouble concealing the item in your pocket or a small purse.

Second, its output is just pretty low. While Vipertek’s VTS-880 and VTS-979 packs around 15,000,000 volts and 19,000,000 volts, respectively, this one from the Maxam brand lags far behind with its measly 400,000 volts output. It should be mentioned as well that the prices of the two mentioned alternatives are a lot lower than this one.

Third, regularly replacing the battery after depleting its power is quite a hassle. This is not like the new models of stun guns nowadays that can be conveniently recharged on an electrical outlet.

Lastly, some customers complain about the product malfunctioning at first try or after a couple of uses. A number of them find the buttons very fragile too.

Should You Buy the Maxam Stun Gun?

A stun gun with an output up to 400,000 volts is still no joke. However, since it’s price point is also higher than some of the other stun guns we’ve reviewed, I’d probably stick with the stun guns sold by Vipertek personally. Plus, the Vipertek models are slightly smaller and easier to carry around, charge, and conceal.

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