Vipertek Stun Gun Review with Test Video

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The Vipertek VTS-880 stun gun is another rechargeable electroshock weapon produced by Vipertek. Its manufacturer is one of the most popular makers of stun guns in the U.S.

Product Specs

Vipertek’s products vary in design, but the VTS-880 follows the standard design of a stun gun. It comes in different colors with a rectangular shape. The item’s dimensions are 4 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 7/8 inches thick.

How the Product Works

The Vipertek stun gun has two sliding switches and a circular button. The sliding switch at the side activates the LED flashlight on top. Then, the circular button triggers the two electrical prongs above the unit.

When the two electrical prongs on top of the stun gun comes into contact with the skin or clothes of a person, it can deliver up to 15 million volts of jolt. The electrical output aims to temporarily disrupt the way that the voluntary muscles of the body normally work.

Next, the sliding switch at the base brings out the prongs that can be plugged to a 110-volt electrical outlet to charge the item. It has a nylon case, which will enable you to carry it around with ease.

Tactical Advantages of the Vipertek VTS-880 Stun Gun

The self-defense weapon at its full power has the capability to temporarily incapacitate a grown man. Serious injuries may also stem out if any of the sensitive areas of the body, especially the part of the face near the eyes, come into contact with its electric-producing prongs.

The size of the stun gun will provide you with the element of surprise too. You can easily conceal it in your pocket or handbag. So, when you feel that someone is threatening you, just pull it out to catch the person off-guard. Despite its size, the crackling sound it produces during a warning shot will surely have your potential attacker thinking twice before carrying his or her plan.

In addition, the rubber grip of the unit offers enough traction to the hand. This prevents slippage when using it and let you avoid getting disarmed by your assailant easily. Lastly, the LED light is a very handy bonus, as it will help you see your way in poorly lit or dark areas.

Disadvantages of the Vipertek VTS-880 Electroshock Weapon

The VTS-880 stun gun from Vipertek lacks a safety pin unlike the VTS-979.

Vipertek VTS-880 Test Video

Check out this awesome review from N2tech for more information:

Should You Buy It?

For less than $20 dollars, you will be able to protect yourself in many self-defense situations. But, if you want a more powerful variant, the Vipertek VTS-979 stun gun might be a better choice for you. It only costs $3 more than the VTS-880.

The VTS-979 may be longer in terms of size, but it packs an additional 4 million volts compared to the VTS-880 stun gun. For additional information about the mentioned item, check out the Vipertek VTS-979 review.

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